Cleaning ambassadors (Belgium)

This May 1st we made our first action as “cleaning ambassadors”. We contributed on cleaning the main avenue of the municipality. Previously, an advertising campaign was carried out on our […]

World book day (Belgium)

Members of New Acropolis challenged themselves by discovering the treasures from the microlibraries in their regions; and sharing their experience through our social online network during the world book day.

Food donation (Belgium)

Members of New Acropolis participated in the food donation campaign organized by a local group that works for the benefit of disadvantaged children and young people.

Musical Night (Belgium)

Despite the current circumstances of the Covid-19 and the renovation works of the headquarters in Louvaina, we find the opportunity to express the beauty of the music: in our kitchen!, […]

Cleaning our environment (Belgium)

The volunteers of New Acropolis actively participate in collecting garbage through the action: “Cleaning our environment”. Our objective: to collaborate with the municipality in the cleaning of streets, sidewalks, cycle […]

Walk in the Haut-Pays region (Belgium)

Members of New Acropolis organized a walk in the Haut-Pays region. This one is located in an area of very high biological value. In Wallonia, the Hauts-Pays are for many […]