Automne clean day (Belgium)

In the context of the Automne clean day, initiative from the Belgian government, members of New Acropolis dedicated half day to clean up the area around the school.    

Historical visit to Leuven (Belgium)

We could know the historic city centre’s beautiful monuments and rich heritage from Leuven thanks to a guide visit organized by members of New Acropolis Leuven!  

Clean-up marathon (Belgium)

Summer cleanup marathon. For five days we went out to clean the streets for an hour, and we invited our neighbors to join us and participate in this beautiful experience. […]

The 2021 floods (Belgium)

The 2021 floods in Belgium are part of a series of floods that have affected Western Europe since July 13. In Belgium, the provinces of Hainaut, Namur, Liège, Luxembourg, Walloon […]

SpeKultur: Conversation tables (Belgium)

By taking into consideration the cultural  richness of our country, quality that is reflected in our schools having people talking naturally several languages. We created an acropolitan project called SpeaKultur. […]

Summer solstice celebration (Belgium)

New Acropolis members gathered around a great bonfire to celebrate this special time of the year. We remembered the meaning of this traditional celebration, and shared artistic moments including dance, […]

Woman, daughter of goddesses (Leuven, Belgium)

Based on the book “Woman, daughter of goddesses” by Laura Winckler, we delved into the four feminine archetypes of Greco-Roman mythology that are still relevant today: Aphrodite (Venus), the lover; […]

Cleaning marathon (Belgium)

We challenged ourselves by organizing and participating in a summer cleaning marathon. During five days we went outside to clean the streets during one hour. We invited our neighbors to join […]