Christmas market (Belgium)

Our school in Brussels organized a Christmas market during winter holidays. The members from the school created most of the objects that were sold!    

Fall Clean-up Campaign (Belgium)

New Acropolis participated in the “Autumn Clean-up Day”, an initiative of the Belgian government whereby volunteers from New Acropolis Belgium spent a good part of the day cleaning the area […]

Lecture: What is worthwhile? (Belgium)

What we give value to determines what we do and what path we take. In this lecture, we explore different philosophical ideas, classical and modern, from East and West, in […]

Conference: What is worth it? (Belgium)

To what we give value determines what we do, and which path we take. In this conference, we explored different philosophical ideas, ancient and modern, from the east and the […]

Conference: The Stoics (Brussels, Belgium)

New Acropolis presented an online conference entitled The Stoics – How to mobilize one’s inner strength ?. It was an opportunity for the speaker to share his passion for this […]