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New Acropolis organized a workshop on designing household products from natural substances and in ways more respectful towards the environment. An opportunity to educate attendees about the consequences of the use of certain products that are currently sold on the market, with regards to the environment and health. Participants also learned how to make cheaper cleaning products which they brought home.
This is a first step towards a more responsible and respectful attitude in the world promoted by New Acropolis.

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New Acropolis volunteers participated in the project ‘Shoe Box 2016’. This campaign aimed at collecting shoe boxes filled with 10 non-perishable foods and beverages for homeless and low-income residents of the city. They were subsequently distributed by associations during Christmas.

Another opportunity for philosophers to implement human values at the service of citizen action.


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As part of the “celebration” of Day of the Dead, New Acropolis Belgium organized a traveling exhibition about death. The idea was to show different ways of conceiving death through images and some texts that volunteers deployed in the streets of the city.

A meeting of different cultures to identify common features, so that: ancient Egypt, the Bardo Thódol (Tibet), Day of the Dead in Mexico, etc., were all inspirational sources for this exhibition.

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Platon Reloaded OINABEL
Volunteers of New Acropolis Brussels, came out to the streets of the city for a sensitization campaign about the excesses of our society. Although the Platonic myth of the cave is 24 centuries ago, it is more current than ever.

Let us imagine that we are prisoners of our society, guided by artificial desires created by the means of communication and that we give value to external things – money, appearance, properties, etc-, forgetting our inner world – our human values, our growth potential, our openness to others and the universe.

To illustrate the idea of the myth in the streets, philosophers-volunteers of New Acropolis came out to the center of Brussels, with a cart pulled by a ‘prisoner of our society’. At any time, we can choose not to follow the crowd and go against the current in search of beauty, truth, justice and goodness.

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As every year, volunteers of New Acropolis Brussels participated in a clean-up day organized by the city of Brussels. On this occasion, the city invites all the people to participate actively in the cleaning of their neighborhood.

New Acropolis organized a citizen mobilization with the slogan “Clean Brussels, that is class!”. Thus, they went to the streets with brushes, dustpans and brooms, elegantly dressed in costumes to make their proposal with humor.

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Imagine that you cross paths with a passerby carrying a strange briefcase, and suddenly it opens up and a bunch of colored balls fall out. The carrier is very upset by the loss of the suitcase’s strange contents, but many other passersby come to help him collect the balls each carrying a human value.

This was a happening organized by a group of New Acropolis volunteers in the streets of Brussels to establish a dialogue with passersby about the importance of values, Philosophy, and its practical application in everyday life.


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New Acropolis Belgium organized a symposium entitled “How can everything collapse and be reborn…?”, based on the book by the authors Pablo Servigne and Raphael Stevens.

Several lectures were part of the program: the one titled “How can everything collapse and be reborn…?” by the co-author Raphael Stevens; one by Michel Weber, practical philosopher and author of many articles on the subject; one by Fernand Figares, director of New Acropolis Belgium and philosopher; and by Sylvain Cigna, philosopher and teacher at New Acropolis Brussels.

effondrement 2

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