Volunteering an a summer camp (Belgium)

During a summer camp, a team of about twenty volunteers worked on the restoration of an old brewery. Several projects were carried out : among others, the restoration of a […]

Cleanup marathon (Belgium)

During three days, we cleaned the streets of different towns and invited our neighbors to join us and participate in this experience.

Mother Earth Day (Belgium)

Some activities on this Earth Day to get closer and connect with the Earth and the living beings that inhabit it. We cleaned a river, created animal shelters and danced!

Summer traditional celebration (Belgium)

New Acropolis Belgium accompanied the Sun in its race towards the zenith on this summer solstice, dancing, as tradition propose, around a nice campfire, on the shortest night of the […]

Ecology and Humanism Conference (Belgium)

As a part of World Earth Day promoted by the United Nations, the schools from New Acropolis Belgium jointly organized a conference entitled: Ecology and Humanism: the teachings of the […]

Mother Earth Day (Belgium)

Some activities on this Earth Day to bring ourselves to connects again with earth and the living beings that are in. We cleaned a river, we created shelters for animals […]

Spring party 2023 (Belgium)

We welcomed spring with a party. People was invited to celebrate beginning of spring  by enjoying listening what poets have created about spring moment.   A theatral representation was also shared. […]

Nature lovers carnaval (Belgium)

We were happy to propose an original carnaval concept: Disguised, walking on the streets to enjoy carnaval time and at the same time picking up garbage to clean our village.