Cleaning a natural reserve (Belgium)

In collaboration with local associations, volunteers of New Acropolis Belgium help cleaning a natural reserve. We have also built up a natural barrier to avoid people cross the reserve though […]

Women, daughter of the goddesses (Leuven, Belgium)

Based on the book Femme, fille de déesses by Laura Winckler, we delve into the four female archetypes from Greco-Roman mythology that are still relevant today: Aphrodite (Venus), the amorous, Athena […]

“The Spartan Way”, online talk (Belgium)

This talk shed some light on the fundamental aspects of the Spartans’ existence, culture, organisation. What were the human values that motivated this people and what can we apply today […]

Night of Muses (Belgium)

The members from our different schools organized a night around poetry, dance, astrology and music.  

Summer solstice celebration (Belgium)

Members of New Acropolis meet around a nice fire to celebrate this special moment in the year. We recall the meaning of this traditional celebration. We shared artistic moments like […]

Cleanup Ambassadors (Belgium)

This first of May we made our first outing as “cleaning ambassadors”. Our action took place on the main avenue of the town. Previously, an advertising campaign was carried out […]

International Nei Kung Meeting (Belgium)

International online meeting of all practitioners of Nei Kung, -a philosophical and symbolic martial art-, in a meeting that somehow connected us with its historical beginnings. Beyond computer technology, this […]

Campaign “Cleaning our environment” (Belgium)

New Acropolis volunteers actively participated in the campaign “Operation cleaning our environment” by collecting trash. Our goal: to collaborate with the municipality in the cleaning of streets, sidewalks, bike paths […]

The Spartan way online conference (Belgium)

This lecture gave some light on fundamental aspects of the Spartan existence, culture, organisation and self-comprehension to first gather better understanding. What were the human values motivating this people and […]