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New Acropolis Seoul has celebrated the World Philosophy Day 2016 in tribute of 2400 years to the birth of Aristotle.
The event included a lecture about the essence of the philosophy of Aristotle concerning the higher GOOD as well as the relevance of his texts to our modern society.
In the second part of the event the participants formulated rules for a modern school based upon Aristotelian principles. Through this exercise, the participants were able to experience the connection between theory and practice, and to see that classic principles are sustainable and can help us find solutions for many contemporary problems.

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The lecture ‘How to Face Fear?’ addressed various sources of fear and especially those that are the fruit of our modern way of life, and also addressed possible solutions that our society offers as well as the need to develop a philosophical approach towards fear.

After the event participants discussed their personal experiences in relation to the lecture themes.


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Inauguration of the new New Acropolis Center in South Korea with a lecture about Positive Attitude, including fun and thought-provoking practical exercises.


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New Acropolis South Korea participated in the UIA (Union of International Associations) Conference,, held in Busan, South Korea.

Several associations and organizations representing various fields participated and shared their experiences.
Among the issues that were presented and discussed: the use of technology as a driver of growth and commitment, the challenges of starting an organization and retaining members, the challenge of remaining relevant, etc. The talks and discussions were very fruitful and relevant for all participants.

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The workshop ‘Think Green’ addressed various environmental problems, their causes, and some possible ways to overcome them.
The traditional perspectives of ancient civilizations regarding various aspects of life remind us of our responsibility as human beings, inspire us and give us hope in a better future.

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Cleaning-up-seoul4Volunteers from the New Acropolis Center in Seoul in cooperation with the local municipality, participated in a cleanup event. The volunteers worked intensively cleaning the environment and nurturing values such as awareness, fraternity, responsibility and the simple happiness of those who know how to share their generosity.


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IMG_1839.resizedThe New Acropolis center in Seoul held a talk about what it means to succeed in life. Young Koreans who are eager to build their life successfully, expressed their opinions about the current situation in society, and what they can do in order to improve it.

The event ended with an experiential exercise demonstrating to the participants the vital connection between the success of the individual and collective success.







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