World Philosophy Day (Seoul, South Korea)

On a snowy cold day, we gathered to commemorate 500 years to the death of the great Leonardo De-vinchi. From his famous art piece of the ‘Vitruvian Man’ we learned […]

A workshop on Creativity (South Korea)

In this workshop we talked about the power of creativity, not only as a tool to create original things, but also as a tool to create and shape ourselves.

“Better Together Challenge 2019” (South Korea)

New Acropolis, together with 30 global organizations, 60 Korean organizations and around 500 participants from around the world, participated in a 3 days event in the city of PyeongChang.  ‘Better […]

Imagination Workshop (South Korea)

A workshop about the power of Imagination in our life.  During the event we listened to a lecture about the importance of using our imagination as a way to improve […]