Our Fraternity is founded on making all that unites us prevail over all that divides us

Games Night (Nicosia, Cyprus)

“Our Fraternity is founded on making all that unites us prevail over all that devides us”   In an evening filled with good vibes, fun and joy, we discovered that […]

Día Internacional de Filosofía

Challenge Yourself! – World Philosophy Day (Cyprus)

As part of the World Philosophy Day awareness capaign, we organised at Nicosia Mall a game called “Challenge Yourself”. By crossing boundaries and discovering unknown aspects of ourselves, we reaffirmed […]

Coffee with friends!! (Cyprus)

Simplicity is one of the worlds that contribute to the definition of love. And thus, so simply, one Sunday, some members of New Acropolis decided to have a coffee with […]

Volunteering at Aradippou Dog Shelter (Cyprus)

Offering love and affection to our four-legged friends is never left out of our volunteer activities. We are very grateful to our sponsors and supporters for their help. We also […]

Entering a new cycle (Cyprus)

Shortly before we resume our cultural and volunteer activities, we bid farewell to the summer by organising an all-day trip to Paphos for the members and friends of New Acropolis. […]

Presentation of a Book for Children (Cyprus)

As part of our cultural activities, we organised a book presentation for our little friends. We are grateful for the teacher-author Yiota Diakou, who accepted our invitation to present, in […]

IX Annual Blood Drive (Cyprus)

For the ninth consecutive year we organized in collaboration with the Blood Bank, our blood donation. We would like to thank our volunteers young and older, and the new donors […]