Lecture on “Harry Potter” (Cyprus)

  Open talk about the movie series “Harry Potter”, where we discover that fantasy, adventure, magic, friendship and the innocence of its protagonist, a child, can win over what presents […]

Presentation “Harry Potter” (Cyprus)

We realized a presentation on the book and movie series “Harry Potter”. Talking about two parallel and yet so different wolds, the world of magic and real one, we discover […]

Blood Drive (Nicosia, Cyprus)

New Acropolis carried out their 6th annual blood drive. If we stick together, these difficult times will strengthen us…

On the cynical philosopher Diogenes (Cyprus)

This philosopher, Diogenes, is generally known through anecdotes from his time. This presentation aimed at showing how his practical philosophy and the breakdown of the various social and mental barriers […]

Presentation: Nikos Kavvadias (Cyprus)

The poet Nikos Kavvadias, in the collective imagery, has been identified with the world of Sea. In his poems he praises the charm of the sea and of travelling with […]