World Philosophy Day (Cyprus)

In honor of World Philosophy Day, declared by Unesco, we invited people to a lecture on “Universal Symbols” and their deeper meaning and power. This interactive activity allowed everyone to […]

Being together… is always better! (Cyprus)

Finally after 3 years, we were able to decorate the Christmas tree together at the ‘Agios Dimitrios’ Nursing Home, and put into practice the virtue of Fraternity. A hug, a […]

International Mother Earth Day 2022 (Cyprus)

As a part in the international project of New Acropolis in honor o Mother Earth Day, Cyprus organized a hike on the nature trail ¨Kannoures¨ in Troodos mountains. Members and […]

Talk: “Alchemy: myth or reality” (Cyprus)

We presented a talk on the subject of Alchemy. How wonderful to discover that there was knowledge that could unite the visible and invisible worlds, and that coal can become […]