Amathus Port beach clean-up (Cyprus)

Volunteers and friends of New Acropolis participated in a clean-up activity at the Amathus Port beach in Limasol. An activity for people to better enjoy and admire one of the […]

Movie and discussion (Cyprus)

One of our recent activities was the screening of the movie Mulan. followed by a lively discussion to share main ideas. It may be a myth, but the value of […]

Philosophical musical evening (Cyprus)

To bid farewell to the summer, a musical evening was organized for members and friends of New Acropolis, along with a prior presentation on philosophy in music.

Visiting the nursing home again (Cyprus)

This year, because of pandemic restrictions, we were unable to sing, dance and hug our friends at the Idalio nursing home. But volunteering is a way of the heart, and […]

Aliki Forest Clean-up (Cyprus)

On the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day, members and friends of New Acropolis gathered for an annual clean-up of the small forest of Aliki.

Clean-up campaign (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Members and friends of New Acropolis participated in the clean-up campaign, starting with the Pedieos river in Nicosia. Because nature is something that concerns us all.

Helping families in need (Cyprus)

If we want to…we can! And if we can.. we must! We need to support our fellow citizens. Thus, members and friends of New Acropolis Cyprus continued the collection of […]

“Let’s talk about cinema” (Cyprus)

In Nicosia and Limassol we gave a presentation using clips of some movies that left a mark in the world of cinema – not only because of their cinematic relevance, […]