Exercising in the Park (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Philosophy embraces all aspects of life and being in contact with nature and the environment is definitely one of them. During the sunny days of Spring, members of New Acropolis, […]

Ending in Music (Nicosia, Cyprus)

As a final event, before concluding this season and entering the summer period for rest, we organised a small concert for members and friends. In our main premises, in Nicosia, […]

5th Blood Drive (Nicosia, Cyprus)

For the 5th consecutive year we organised, in our premises in Nicosia, a blood drive open to the public. And this year’s motto was “Donate blood… donate life!”. New and […]

Presentation: Samurai (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Although the Samurai of Japan have been so far from us, geographically and culturally, their existence, their principles, the way of living and their attitude towards life provide great lessons […]