International Mother Earth Day 2022 (Cyprus)

As a part in the international project of New Acropolis in honor o Mother Earth Day, Cyprus organized a hike on the nature trail ¨Kannoures¨ in Troodos mountains. Members and […]

Talk: “Alchemy: myth or reality” (Cyprus)

We presented a talk on the subject of Alchemy. How wonderful to discover that there was knowledge that could unite the visible and invisible worlds, and that coal can become […]

Olive harvest (Cyprus)

On the occasion of the olive harvest, an excursion was organized, which was a great opportunity for fellowship and union with nature…

Green and Clean (Cyprus)

Members and friends of New Acropolis, as in previous years and in collaboration with the environmental protection institution of the Municipality of Larnaca, we planted 30 trees and cleaned the […]

Screening of the ”Matrix” movie (Cyprus)

Members and friends of New Acropolis stayed to see the movie ”Matrix”. They discussed many ideas and discovered many similarities with Plato’s cave, included in his book ”The Republic”, written […]

World Philosophy Day (Cyprus)

Honouring the World Philosophy Day we organized a speech presenting 6 philosophers with such stories and references from their lives, that proved they were applying their teachings to their own […]