Martenitsi Workshop (Bulgaria)

The new Acropolis Bulgaria celebrated the arrival of spring and the arrival of Baba Marta with a creative workshop of “martenitsi” (a small ornament, made of white and red thread […]

The Universal Language of Rhythm (Mumbai, India)

New Acropolis hosted “The Universal Language of Rhythm” with Kathak exponent Aditi Bhagwat at the main centre in Colaba, Mumbai, attended by over 70 people. Aditi was joined by Flamenco […]

Art workshop (Prague, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis organized an art workshop where the participants had a chance to paint some archaeological reproduction which every single one of them was able to finish. The newly created […]

To sculpt the earth (Israel)

Each of us has the ability to be brave and determined, soft and inclusive, a creator of wisdom and a magician.  An active workshop focused on experiencing and connecting to […]

Stage evening (Tel Aviv, Israel)

A group of members dreamed of letting the power of art heal something within us, and bring some light into the darkness of this days. An exciting meeting in which […]