“Heroic Poetry” recital (Málaga, Spain)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Malaga participated in a poetry recital broadcast online via Facebook, whereby poems by Kavafis, Amado Nervo, Gabriela Mistral and Mario Benedetti were recited. As a homage […]

Beauty over time and Inner Beauty (Moldova)

Workshop entitled “Beautification over time and inner beauty”. A journey through the different forms of beauty over time in different cultures such as: Greece, Rome, India, Japan, etc., to the […]

Play: Love in the Time of Facebook (Guatemala)

The central branch as well as the Quetzaltenango center of New Acropolis Guatemala, brought to the stage a comic play that dramatizes the entanglements that can arise in a relationship […]

Workshop: crocheting (Sofia, Bulgaria)

This year New Acropolis started a new workshop for crocheting. The chance to dive completely into the beautiful art of crocheting, to learn some basic techniques as well as to […]

Plato’s myths: useful and fun (Panama)

Plato’s myths are always current, and can also be entertaining! Allegory of the Chariot: In this myth Plato describes what the soul looks like and represents the rough and uncontrolled […]