Spring Celebration (Belgium)

Volunteers organized a party to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Music, dance, poetry, conviviality, good humor and philosophy made it an unforgettable experience!    

Renaissance evening (Seville, Spain)

As a finale to all the activities around the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition, carried out in the auditorium of New Acropolis Seville, we attended a beautiful recital with two wonderful […]

Workshop Kiri-e (Sofia,Bulgaria)

New Acropolis recently organized an event dedicated to the Japanese Art Kiri-e. Kiri-e literary means “cut picture”. This is an art in which images are created by cutting black cardboard […]

Cultural evenings continue despite the war (Ukraine)

            Alongside volunteering, New Acropolis Ukraine continues organising cultural events to provide support in this difficult time. New Acropolis Lviv organized a musical evening “Let’s […]

Artistic workshop (Prague, Czech Republic)

Minerva, the New Acropolis art department, organized a workshop in Prague. The participants, interested in art and history, after listening to talks about the influence of beauty on people, tried […]