Stage evening (Tel Aviv, Israel)

A group of members dreamed of letting the power of art heal something within us, and bring some light into the darkness of this days. An exciting meeting in which […]

Presentation: Terpsichore Choir (Madrid, Spain)

Coinciding with the celebration of the Christmas party at the Madrid Central Branch, the official presentation of the Terpsichore choir took place, made up of members and friends of New […]

Poetry Recital (Vigo, Spain)

The Erato Poetry group offered a poetry recital in our auditorium, where we could immerse ourselves in the world of words, where the verses came to life and emotions were […]

Music competition (Heraklion, Greece)

For the ninth year in a row, the “Unplugged Challenge” music competition unfolded in the city of Heraklion, this time under the theme “Harmonizing for a Better World.” Music, possesses […]

St. Patrick’s Day (Guatemala, Guatemala)

We celebrated our traditional St. Patrick’s Day party. We enjoyed a delicious meal with games, some brief informative talks about the seasonal holidays, St. Patrick and the origin of the […]

Celebration in the heart (Győr, Hungary)

The music group of the Győr Centre of New Acropolis Hungary visited Budapest with a two-hour music and poetry show. The introduction to the evening explained why this title was […]