Workshop: crocheting (Sofia, Bulgaria)

This year New Acropolis started a new workshop for crocheting. The chance to dive completely into the beautiful art of crocheting, to learn some basic techniques as well as to […]

Plato’s myths: useful and fun (Panama)

Plato’s myths are always current, and can also be entertaining! Allegory of the Chariot: In this myth Plato describes what the soul looks like and represents the rough and uncontrolled […]

Women’s Day (Lisbon, Portugal)

New Acropolis celebrated Women’s Day with an activity entitled “Seven Feminine Archetypes”. Taking advantage of the wonderful setting offered by Edward VII Park in Lisbon, philosophical and poetic texts were […]

Art Night (Panama)

Art Night, an event where art and philosophy came together so that the beauty we have inside could arise in tune with our environment. We welcomed special guests for this […]

Ladies’ afternoon (Sofia, Bulgaria)

During a ladies’ workshop, volunteers from the New Acropolis prepared eco napkins from cloth and beeswax, which can also be used for replacing plastic bags. They also learned how to […]