Greek evening (Brno, Czech Republic)

As is the tradition with such thematic evenings there was a short play, traditional food and snacks, fun quizzes and this time the participants could also try some sport disciplines […]

Visit to Elephanta (Mumbai, India)

Volunteers of New Acropolis Khar Branch set off on a cultural excursion to Elephanta, across the Mumbai harbor. The site is home to ancient rock cut cave temples, dedicated to the various […]

Open talk on fractals in Nature (Cordoba, Argentina)

Open talk on fractal geometry and its philosophical applications. Maria Kokolaki, director of New Acropolis for the northern region of Argentina, helped participants reflect on the fact that philosophers across eras […]

Egyptian days (Eger, Hungary)

The Egyptian Days organized by the Eger Centre of New Acropolis Hungary received visitors for 42 days. Several posters illustrated the art, scholarship, educational principles and wisdom of this ancient […]