Night at the Desert (Israel)

A group of members of the Acropolis branches in Israel and friends spent a weekend in the desert. A walking route at night to find its mysteries and our limits. […]

Launching of ‘Universitas General Studies’

Universitas is an educational proposal of the International Organization New Acropolis in the digital world. It is open to all people who are seeking knowledge and looking to improve their […]

Talk: “Philosophy in Education” (Cobán, Guatemala)

Talk entitled “Philosophy in Education”, which is part of the monthly program of philosophical talks at the Central branch. Participants, both online and in-person, and mostly teaching professionals and members […]

From Plato to Matrix (Prague, Czech Republic)

This interesting name was given to a lecture and short philosophical play organized by New Acropolis Prague. The lecture was focused on the Allegory of the Cave, found in Plato’s […]