Living Philosophy experience (Australia)

Students from the New Acropolis study program met and shared a day of fun and learning. Through several simple exercises related to the syllabus that is developed throughout the course, […]

Public reading of “Don Quixote” (Bilbao, Spain)

On the occasion of International Book Day, Espacio Luzarra celebrated, for the sixth consecutive year, the public reading of Cervantes’ classic Don Quixote. In this edition, chapters XXVIII and XXIX […]

Visit the National Gallery Victoria (Australia)

New Acropolis members visited the Victoria Art Gallery in Melbourne. They were primarily interested in two exhibits examining different ways and approaches to change. Big Wheather is an exhibition showcase works by […]

Women, daughter of the goddesses (Leuven, Belgium)

Based on the book Femme, fille de déesses by Laura Winckler, we delve into the four female archetypes from Greco-Roman mythology that are still relevant today: Aphrodite (Venus), the amorous, Athena […]

Women philosophers of History (Guatemala)

This online talk talked about the lives of three great philosophers in history: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Helena Blavatsky, Simone de Beauvoir, and the legacy they left us. At the end […]

“Mythological Heroes” (Panama)

Mythological Heroes with their inspiring feats and symbols show us what is really important on the hero’s path – not the fantastic powers that define their title, but their way […]