Climbing on Vitosha 2022 (Bulgaria)

Inspired by the anniversary of 65 years since the establishment of the New Acropolis world wide, members of the New Acropolis Bulgaria gathered to climb mount “Cherny vruh”, the highest […]

Camp in Aztalan (Chicago, USA)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Chicago held a camp and visited Aztalan, an ancient Native American city in Wisconsin, a millennia-old outpost of the Cahokian culture. There they talked about why […]

Cultural visit to Bavay (Belgium)

We organized a cultural visit to Bavay. During Roman times, Bavay was the capital of the Nerves, one of the most powerful Belgian tribes of the time (following I BC). […]

Treasure of the East (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The participants of the online lecture looked into the Treasure of the East together. They became familiar with the ideas of Buddha, Confucius, the Tibetan text Voice of Silence, and […]

Nei Kung Practices (Belgium, Leuven)

At the end of Nei Kung’s one-year practices at the Leuven school, there was a belt grade exam. A success for all the candidates who will continue classes next year […]