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As part of the series of activities called ‘A unique philosophical meeting’, New Acropolis Warsaw gave a lecture titled ‘The Philosophy of the Celts’, focusing on the Celtic vision of the world and the human being as part of nature.

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New Acropolis Tirana organized another book club meeting, an opportunity to share and discuss big ideas through different times. The book of the month was The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck, presenting an enriching perspective of love and traditional values. The power of this book stands on the fact that it shows a road, not an ordinary one, but a road through which every person can perceive and experience spiritual growth.

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Catalina Taborda, director of New Acropolis Colombia Northwest and member of the choir, presented this first choral performance at the hall of New Acropolis Medellin. The choir, made up of 14 women and 4 men, began its journey last November with the name of the muse of epic poetry and eloquence.

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Centuries after his death, the artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci still amaze us with his myriad technological inventions and his unrivalled works of art. Therefore New Acropolis in Sofia organized event for its members about the principles guiding the work and efforts of Leonardo throughout his life. Besides theoretical explanations, the participants were given the opportunity to deal with a number of exercises and tasks that help them to learn how to perceive the world around them through the eyes of the genius.

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A reflection on the importance and influence of our thoughts within ourselves and our environment.

“The lecture is about the importance of focusing our thoughts on high ideas and not only on material things, because this is one of the principles of the law of attraction, what you think you will attract” said Lydia Mata, the speaker at New Acropolis Próceres.

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New Acropolis Cordoba organized a nine-hour  intensive workshop titled ‘Philosophy and Art’.
Themes discussed included beauty, ethics, aesthetics, symbolism and philosophy in Greek, Roman, Egyptian and American cultures. The workshop was based on sample images of artistic works pertaining to these civilizations, allowing a trip through space and time from the hand of philosophy and art.

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New Acropolis Honduras organized a new edition of the photography contest The Positive Face of Honduras. This year for the first time it was organized at the national level, with exhibitions simultaneously at the Multiplaza Mall of Tegucigalpa, at the City Mall in San Pedro Sula and the City Hall of Comayagua.

The first prize winner by the jury’s decision, was the photo titled Jump in Sandy Bay, by Fuad Asfura. The winners of the second and third prizes were: Carlos Alberto Rubio and Gabriela Zuniga Fu.

Our thanks to the following sponsors without which this project would not have been possible: El Heraldo, Telamar resort, Valor Humano, dental clinic Oral Pro, Eter, Group Promasa, Parthenon, The Braguru, Multiplaza Mall, Group Jaremar and New Acropolis International Association.

Fotografía: “El viajero”, de Jabdiel Valladares.


Fotografía ganadora del primer premio: “Salto en Sandy Bay” de Fuad Asfura







Ganadora del segundo premio: “Cuestión de fe”.


“El barbero de la Concordia”.



Fotografía ganadora de facebook, “Hotel de un millón de estrellas”, de Carlos Alberto Rubio.


Fotografía ganadora de facebook: “Sobre las ruinas” de Carlos Fernando Gallardo.




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