“Reasons to live with music” (Venezuela)

A cultural talk was given about music and its impact on everyday life. Jesús Rodríguez, musician from New Acropolis Mérida, introduced his audience to this art after explaining its components, […]

Sportive morning (Managua, Nicaragua)

Meeting in a city park to celebrate International Sports Day with games and physical activities. Participants engaged in practices that tested values such as teamwork, discipline, tolerance and respect for […]

The sacred in ancient Egypt (Bordeaux, France)

Lecture given at Espace Mouneyra by Marine Adam on ancient Egypt, who discussed the unique views on life, man and death of the Egyptian people. For ancient Egyptians, the real […]

Fostering children’s reading day (Peru)

The ‘Promotion of Culture’ department organized a Fostering Reading Day for children 7 to 11 years old at the central branch of New Acropolis San Isidro. This program fostering the […]