Talks through the zoom (Israel)

In the Corona isolation days, we gave talks to the public through the zoom on relevant topics for the days that everyone is in, days for some people are days […]

Let’s strengthen love – video (Israel)

During the Corona, we made and filmed a video in collaboration with a number of New Acropolis members and an original text written by the Tel Aviv branch manager. The […]

Volunteering in the days of Corona (Israel)

In recent weeks, the new Acropolis volunteers in Israel from all branches have been distributing food to those in need, even if we just put the food package outside at […]

Volunteer at the Wexller House (krayot, Israel)

The Vexller House is a home for disabled adults who choose to live a more dignified independent life. Ongoing volunteer visits make it possible to deepen relationships with residents and […]

Lecture on Leonardo da Vinci (Jerusalem, Israel)

Lecture about the fascinating artist scientist and philosopher – Leonardo  da Vinci – paying tribute to his 500thanniversary of his death.  We heard about the uniqueness of the Renaissance period, […]