Experiential workshop (Nahalat Tal, Israel)

Through this artistic experience, we have connected with the innermost of ourselves. It is a force that makes it possible to create life, to create something new; that surrounds, contains, […]

Eco weekend (Haifa, Israel)

There is nothing like touching the earth, connecting with nature, with our essence as human beings – where there are no differences of race, religion, gender, culture, etc… On a […]

Workshop classes (Tel Aviv, Israel)

We had a unique, deep and magical experience as part of two days of workshop classes taught by our research institutes. Through art, healing, martial arts, and symbolic research we […]

Cleaning the ancient (Tel Aviv, Israel)

We visited the Sataf located in the hills of Jerusalem. Sataf is an incredibly popular place for hiking and relaxation. In it there is a spring that irrigates ancient agricultural […]

Mandala Workshop (Haifa, Israel)

Creating mandalas reveals to us secrets about our inner world… In the Mandala Workshop we discovered the abundant creative power that exists in every person. We have connected to the […]

Mother Earth Day (Israel)

A short video in honor of Mother Earth Day celebrations 2022 in Menahemya. A video that conveys the experience of the whole day: with nature, wisdom and simple love.