Stage evening (Tel Aviv, Israel)

A group of members dreamed of letting the power of art heal something within us, and bring some light into the darkness of this days. An exciting meeting in which […]

Sourdough Workshop (Menahamiya, Israel)

The ability to observe external processes and connect them internally to us is the ability to grow an inner life. We talked about the principles of doing something not for […]

Philosophy Day (Israel)

As a result of the state of emergency in the country, we changed the original plans for the celebration of Philosophy Day and adapted them into a space for close, […]

Volunteering for Refugee children (Israel)

“If each day falls inside each night, There exists a well where clarity is imprisoned. We need to sit on the rim of the well of darkness and fish for fallen light, with […]

Volunteering for the Rescue Forces (Israel)

“Tragedy should serve as a source of strength. No matter what difficulties, no matter how painful the experience, if we lose hope, this is the real disaster.”  The Dalai Lama […]