Mandala Workshop (Haifa, Israel)

Creating mandalas reveals to us secrets about our inner world… In the Mandala Workshop we discovered the abundant creative power that exists in every person. We have connected to the […]

Mother Earth Day (Israel)

A short video in honor of Mother Earth Day celebrations 2022 in Menahemya. A video that conveys the experience of the whole day: with nature, wisdom and simple love.  

Mother Earth Day 2022 (Israel)

On April 22, Mother Earth Day was celebrated at Nahalat Tal in Menahemya, with happenings of lectures, workshops, tours, art and music, all in the spirit of ecological-philosophical. Philosophical ecology […]

Good Deeds Day (Rishon Lezion, Israel)

On ״Good Deeds Day״, we took part in a happening organized by the Rishon Lezion Municipality, together with other organizations and associations that volunteer for the community. Every day is […]

Visit to the Ahmadi community (Haifa, Israel)

Members of New Acropolis in Haifa met with the Ahmadi community for an touching meeting. The head of the community, Muhammad Sharif Odeh, opened his heart and taught us about […]

River cleaning (Haifa, Israel)

Volunteer activity of river cleaning in northern Israel. A cleaning activity associated with the philosophical that relates external and internal cleanliness. We filled a lot of garbage bags and cleaned […]

Food distribution (Tel Aviv, Israel)

In collaboration with the Association for the Advancement of Education in Tel Aviv, we went to collect food packages in order to distribute them to the elderly and low-income families […]

Night in Nature (Tel Aviv, Israel)

We went for a walk in the desert to get to know other sides of ourselves. We held special activities, with the wisdom of philosophy, at a different place from […]

International Philosophy Day 2021 (Israel)

International Philosophy Day was held in November and as a philosophical organization we celebrated it in our various branches in the country with festive events. This time we chose to […]