Behind the mask (Haifa, Israel)

Cultural Activities

What are the masks that we wear and who is found behind them?
Without noticing we all wear masks from time to time, Something that somewhat hides and protects us.
Maybe we are afraid, maybe we want to feel loved, maybe we don’t want to stand out too much, or maybe we try that everyone will notice us…
The mask often protects us, but it also has a price – it can hide who we really are.
In this workshop we agreed to meet with our masks and play with them, we got to know the different sides of them (of us) and together we looked for the authentic self that is beyond the mask.

The meeting was created in the spirit of Purim holiday and the International Theatre Day.
The workshop included a short lecture followed by exercises from the world of theatre that helped us see ourselves in an experiential, deep and even funny way.


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