Solidarity for Ukraine (Cour Petral, France)

  In response to the emergency of the dramatic situation in Ukraine, the members of the Cour Pétral School of Philosophy have mobilized with strength and determination to help this […]

Humanitarian Action (Bahia, South Brazil)

In response to the volume of rain and flooding in the south of Bahia State at the end of December 2021, New Acropolis volunteers launched a campaign to collect donations […]

Delivery of blankets (Warsaw, Poland)

Volunteers of New Acropolis are constantly collecting the most necessary things for refugees from Ukraine. The unexpected return of low temperatures and falling snow has brought new challenges. Therefore, in […]

Relief assistance (Szeged, Hungary)

Throughout the country various initiatives are being organized to help the refugees. Individuals and civil organizations are contributing with food and other basic necessities. The members of New Acropolis Szeged […]