Helping people in flooded areas (Slovenia)

Humanitarian Disaster Relief

This year’s August in Slovenia was marked by heavy rain. The accumulation of large amount of water eventualy led to river basins being flooded in most of the country. We witnessed a truly devastanig power of nature, as many cars, roads and houses were destroyed and all we could do at that time is watch from a far.

In the next few days authorities evaluated the scale of damage and the level of urgency in the areas, that were struck the most. A lot of settlements were in desperate need of food and water. Some of them were also inaccessible on ground. Basic roads needed to be established first and in order for help to arrive in time, assistance of other country’s rescue services was vital.

Then, the restiration of life as those people knew before the catastrophy only began. It was time for citizen of Slovenia to step in. Many people traveled to ravaged towns and villages to help with bare hands and basic tools. To contribute to the wave of solidarity, that took over our hearts, mebers of New Acropolis Slovenia also assembled a team of voulenteers, that took part in cleaning out dirt and trash from flooded basements, yards and streams. But the most valuable contribution besides the work we did, was the cheer and hope we brought with us. No words were needed to describe the feeling of belief and faith in humanity restored – just a warm handshake and a look in the eyes brimming with tears of gratefulness.

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