Heart coherence through a doctor’s eyes (Budapest, Hungary)

Cultural Activities

Dr István Németh, an emergency and acupuncture physician, gave a presentation on the latest advances in cardiac research at the Budapest Centre of New Acropolis Hungary. He pointed out that although in our time it is normally believed that doctors should occupy themselves with diseases, in ancient cultures the man was in the centre of attention and the healers had a holistic approach to the human being. They thought in terms of body, soul and spirit constituting a whole, with Shen, the heart, at the centre in the Chinese tradition.

In this context, the speaker, who is also a member of New Acropolis, compared the traditional Chinese and the modern medicine with a number of interesting examples and experiments. Among other things, he highlighted that recent discoveries have shown that it is our heart that first perceives and responds to the various stimuli we are exposed to, which is later followed by our brain.

However, heart activity can have both coherent and non-coherent beating patterns. The heart rate curve of a resting person is not necessarily coherent. The question is: what really gives a heart its coherence? Whatever the beating pattern, it will then be passed on to the brain and will determine the activity of the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for our functioning. The speaker stressed the importance of establishing a closer relationship with our own heart and listen to its admonitions.

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