Volunteerism is our compass! (Athens, Greece)

Once again, our compass pointed to the municipal park of Ilisia (Athens) for voluntary action! A group of volunteers of the philosophical & cultural organization “New Acropolis”, with permission from […]

Our needs in a “pyramid” (Attica, Greece)

In online seminars and discussions, we talked about people’s needs, as they are rank according to Maslow. Find out about the online events of the “New Acropolis”, in Greece, through […]

Supporting the “Heart Doctors” (Attica, Greece)

In the spirit of offering and solidarity, the volunteers of the New Acropolis, collected essential medicines (antibiotics, painkillers, eye drops, etc.), to be offered to the organization “Heart Doctors”, in […]

A "philosophical stone" of 40 years!

A “philosophical stone” of 40 years! (Greece)

Reaching the 40th anniversary of its publication, the magazine “philosophical stone” of the “New Acropolis” Publications, becomes digital and accessible to all those who research and seek food for thought […]