Visit to the Lyceum of Aristotle (Piraeus, Greece)

Members and friends of the New Acropolis visited the Lyceum of Aristotle. We toured the place where Aristotle and the wandering philosophers once stood and tried to imagine their conversations, […]

Theatrical Act (Athens, Greece)

At the branch of Athens, we have welcomed spring with a theatrical event, inspired by Greek mythology with the theme “Apollo and the 9 Muses”.

Art Therapy (Rethymno, Greece)

At our branch in Rethymno, we organized an Art Therapy evening: Self-awareness through art. In this experiential meeting, we were not interested in creating a perfect result, but in trying […]

Humanitarian aid (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Members from the Thessaloniki branch made a significant effort in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki to collect and organize humanitarian aid material for the struggling peoples of Turkey and […]

Musical group (Thessaloniki, Greece)

The three branches of New Acropolis in Thessaloniki created a musical group called: “The troubadours of the sun”, with the aim of offering joy, fun, and a positive attitude to […]