Supporting the “Heart Doctors” (Attica, Greece)

In the spirit of offering and solidarity, the volunteers of the New Acropolis, collected essential medicines (antibiotics, painkillers, eye drops, etc.), to be offered to the organization “Heart Doctors”, in […]

A "philosophical stone" of 40 years!

A “philosophical stone” of 40 years! (Greece)

Reaching the 40th anniversary of its publication, the magazine “philosophical stone” of the “New Acropolis” Publications, becomes digital and accessible to all those who research and seek food for thought […]

Blood donation in Greece

Voluntary blood donation (Patra, Greece)

What could be more practical and philanthropic than a voluntary blood donation: New Acropolis carried out a blood donation with the active participation of its members, because the need for […]

Athens: Climbers on the… Acropolis (Greece)

New Acropolis organized a peculiar excursion to the Acropolis to test our abilities and limits. We dared to climb the sacred rock, from where we enjoyed the view from another […]

Athens (broader metropolitan area): Voluntary blood donation

Voluntary blood donation (Athens, Greece)

With a warm response to the needs for blood, a voluntary blood donation was carried out in April, by the members of the New Acropolis. Volunteering is an act of […]