Book World Prague 2024 (Czech Republic)

Once again just like in previous years New Acropolis Prague participated in Book World fair and exhibition. This year the event had a beautiful motto, quote by Franz Kafka “A […]

Spring journey and workshop (Israel)

“Nature is a book of all wisdom and our greatest teacher. The way to read this book is not to go to the library, but to approach it and go […]

Mother Earth Day 2024 (Graz, Austria)

Motto: Unity through Diversity On Earth Day, two simultaneous activities were held with almost fifty attendees. Our district mayor also participated in the construction of an insect hotel. On the […]

Magic Egypt (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The great interest about the lecture Magic Egypt prepared by the New Akcropolis Slovakia shows that the ancient culture from the Nile River is interesting not only for its world-famous […]

Cleaning up a park (Kallithea – Attica Greece)

For the second month, in coordination with the Greenery Officials of the Municipality of Kallithea, members of Kallithea branch went to a park for maintenance work, putting all our good […]

MLK Day 2024 (USA)

Dr. King’s unwavering commitment to justice and the dignity of all individuals during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s transcends temporal and geographical boundaries. His ideals resonate […]