Ecological volunteering (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

A group of volunteers carried out cleaning and maintenance work at Cerro Juana Laínez, an iconic park in the country’s capital. Activities included: cleaning common areas and the nursery, protecting […]

Amathus Port beach clean-up (Cyprus)

Volunteers and friends of New Acropolis participated in a clean-up activity at the Amathus Port beach in Limasol. An activity for people to better enjoy and admire one of the […]

mural terminado

Decorative mural (Cartago, Costa Rica)

Volunteers from the Cartago Center dedicated themselves to the task of beautifying the city and filling it with color by creating a special mural in the El Carmen neighborhood, near […]

»Psychology of love« (Slovenia)

New Acropolis conducted an online course entitled “Psychology of Love”. Given the special interest of a group of deaf people, we invited an interpreter, who allowed us to communicate with […]

“Travelogue” about Japan (Košice, Slovakia)

Travelogue in Košice was about the country which is as well called “the land of the rising sun”. This culture was presented by photographies with explanation, and this evening was […]

Cleanup day in Vladivostok (Far East Russia)

The World Cleanup Day traditionally unites people from all over the world to carry out environmental campaigns in ecologically disadvantaged areas. The 6th time New Acropolis Vladivostok set out to […]