World Art Day (Israel)

“There is something in art that transcends all our barriers, all the definitions we have established, and all the definitions we are preoccupied with. When art is good and meaningful, […]

Volunteering at a Cat Shelter (Chicago, USA)

Volunteers from New Acropolis helped at a cat shelter named “Touched by an Animal” in Chicago. While spending quality time with the friendly furry friends, and helping them to get […]

Lectures on Ancient Egypt (Bucharest, Romania)

Lectures dedicated to the Ancient Egypt civilization. In the first lecture, ‘Sacred Architecture – Egyptian Temple’, the elements of an Egyptian temple, their correspondence with the structure of human being […]

Theater – the power of change (Croatia)

The New Acropolis in Zagreb marked the Art Day with a lecture and art program. The lecture “Theater – the power of change” presented the basic elements of classical theater […]

Live with rhythm and harmony (Bulgaria)

On the occasion of the globally celebrated Day of the Arts by the international organization New Acropolis, a special event was held in Bulgaria: an evening dedicated to Music and […]