International Mother Earth Day (Ukraine)

New Acropolis in Ukraine has joined celebration of International Mother Earth Day. In Kharkiv New Acropolis members organized ecological activities in local botanical garden. In Zaporizhzhia volunteers worked on Khortytsia […]

Volunteering at a Cat Shelter (Chicago, USA)

New Acropolis Chicago in collaboration with Touched by An Animal, a local cat shelter, invited members, students and local neighbors to help the shelter with improvements needed for better care […]

International Mother Earth Day (Nicosia, Cyprus)

This year we honor International Mother Earth Day with interactive activities. The first involved an awareness campaign at Nicosia Mall, during which we informed people about the importance of this […]

Derecho e Inteligencia artificial

Universitas Estudios Generales ofrece un nuevo curso online. El curso “Inteligencia Artificial y Derecho” ofrece una exploración exhaustiva de la intersección entre la tecnología emergente y el marco legal contemporáneo. […]

Plantation d'ipé à Caruaru (PE) promue par Nouvelle Acropole

New Acropolis celebrated Earth Week (Brazil)

New Acropolis celebrated Earth Week in Brazil. The theme “Unity Through Diversity” guided the activities promoted by New Acropolis, aligning with the historical perception of Earth as a living and […]

Mother Earth Day 2024 – Puls of the Earth/Man (Israel)

The event focused on ecology in its purest form, celebrating the intricate bond between humanity and the earth. Participants immersed themselves in activities bridging ancient traditions with modern sustainability practices. […]