Long Night of Museums Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

The city of Santa Cruz hosted the ‘Long Night of Museums’ with more than 40 participating museums and cultural centers with doors open to the public to present a variety […]

Visiting a Home for girls (Metepec, Mexico)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Metepec visited a home for girls on Mother’s day: an encounter to share enjoyable and artistic activities, including storytelling and coloring of Mandalas. It was a good […]

Commemorating Earth Day with mandalas (Costa Rica)

Children and adults joined this movement to pay tribute to our planet. The ‘Darte-Arte’ volunteering and social art group of New Acropolis, carried out this celebration with the realization and […]

A Café with Giordano Bruno (Merida, Venezuela)

New Acropolis Merida, organized an evening of sharing, reflection and discussion on the ideas brought forth by this Renaissance philosopher. Amidst curiosity and discussion about Bruno’s approaches, the numerous participants […]