World Bee Day 2019 (London, UK)

“World Bee Day” was adopted by the United Nations last year following a proposal made by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association in 2014. As creators of the “Melissa Garden Bee Sanctuary”, […]

Heat wave emergency (Rome, Italy)

The arrival of the Summer has brought with it the heat, witch in these days have reached any very high peaks. To help the population, the Municipality of Rome have […]

Happiness according to Buddha (Australia)

People always find it surprising to realise that it is not easy to answer the simple question of “am I truly happy?”. Or what is happiness? And what causes suffering? […]

Trip to Bohemian Paradise (Liberec, Czech Republic)

Journey to Bohemian Paradise (Český Ráj). They visited observation tower in Hlavatice u Trutnova, where they reminded themselves the myth of Theseus and the labyrint, one historical homestead called Kopicův […]