Automne clean day (Belgium)

In the context of the Automne clean day, initiative from the Belgian government, members of New Acropolis dedicated half day to clean up the area around the school.    

Heritage Days at the Cour Petral (France)

  The European Heritage Days took place on September 18 and 19, 2021 at the Cour Petral with the theme “Heritage for all”, thus emphasizing the accessibility of heritage, with […]

Waste cleanup day (Belgrano, Argentina)

A group of New Acropolis volunteers collected and cleaned a Municipal Ecological Reserve, in a town located in the province of Buenos Aires. In addition to cleaning the environment, the […]

The Samurai Code (Panama)

New Acropolis Panama dedicated the month of August to Japanese culture. The Samurai Code and its roots of honor, safeguarding the sacred in the temples.           […]

Philosophical musical evening (Cyprus)

To bid farewell to the summer, a musical evening was organized for members and friends of New Acropolis, along with a prior presentation on philosophy in music.