Musical group (Thessaloniki, Greece)

The three branches of New Acropolis in Thessaloniki created a musical group called: “The troubadours of the sun”, with the aim of offering joy, fun, and a positive attitude to […]

Study trip to Egypt (Israel)

“We came to Egypt to look for answers, and we leave mostly with more and more questions. The land whose ancient name was Kemet is full of the remnants of […]

Philosophical Movie Night (Sofia, Bulgaria)

We organized another screening as part of the “Philosophical Movie Night” series of events, where we watched and then discussed movies with a deep message. This time we watched “The […]

Carnival 2023 (Cyprus)

This year our carnival theme was inspired by the Greek Mythology… the deities and heroes were raffled off… and we let our creative imagination run wild!! “Imagination was given to […]

Saxophone Concert (Juliaca, Peru)

The Closing Concert of the 1st Saxophone Workshop with the participation of the Escuela Superior de Formación Artística Pública de Juliaca (SFAP Juliaca) took place during the Cultural Wednesdays of […]