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Inspired by the feeling of renewal that announces each new Spring, New Acropolis Belgrade organized an evening around the Renaissance to revive the spirit of those times. Through texts by Renaissance thinkers, as well as by other notable characters from that period; with music and dance of the Court, everyone had the opportunity to invoke it.

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In collaboration with the Student Cultural Center of Belgrade, New Acropolis presented the lecture titled ‘Overcoming Fears’. Through a philosophical focus, participants identified lack of knowledge and experience as the main causes of their fears. Everything that is unknown frightens us and can block us, but can also encourage us to take action. By overcoming fears, the unknown becomes known, and doubt and pain disappear.

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In collaboration with the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade, New Acropolis presented the lecture ‘The era of communication’. Participants agreed that communication today, while able to reach unprecedented range with the assistance of technology, somehow seems to be losing depth, that is, the quality of the content it carries.

The lecture emphasized man’s inner life and his ability to express it and allow others to do the same. It is through inner life enrichment, through self-investigation, that one gains the ability of clearer expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

By overcoming our instincts that often act as communication blockers, we can open the door towards a more profound and humane communication. This allows us to not only to respond to messages of other people, but also to establish closer bonds, between our minds and hearts.



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The arts and crafts department of New Acropolis in Belgrade organized a mosaic workshop.

Using the appropriate tools and materials, and armed with lots of patience, participants took their first steps in mastering these techniques!

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In collaboration with the student cultural center of Belgrade, New Acropolis presented the lecture ‘Overcoming Fears’. Through a philosophical approach, participants identified lack of knowledge and experience as main factors underlying fears. Everything that is unknown elicits feelings of fear which can block us, but which can also encourage us to take action. It is action that allows us to overcome fears, the unknown becomes known and this makes doubt and pain disappear.

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Radionica o Simbolima Dani FilozofijeNew Acropolis Belgrade organized several lectures and workshops in celebration of World Philosophy Day.

The program started with the lecture Practical Applications of Philosophy Today – The Importance of Rebirth. The highlighted aspect was the significance of man’s personal realization through the application of human values, enhancing his quality of life, and also enhancing his environment.

Activities continued during the following two days with lectures on male and female archetypes. As these models inspire the growth and development of each person on his physical, psychological and spiritual planes, an understanding of these processes enables a human being to live with more consciousness and maturity.

The program ended with the workshop What Symbols Tell Us.


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Pomoc izbeglicamaHumanitarian aid by volunteers of New Acropolis Belgrade, who prepared parcels with food and basic hygiene items and distributed them among the migrants who have been crossing European borders in waves.

Volonteri Nova Akropola

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