Philosophical walk (Osaka, Japan)

            Inspired by cherry blossom buds that will soon bloom, we strolled around Osaka Castle park while discussing philosophical quotes. At the end of the […]

Earth Day (Kyoto, Japan)

  New Acropolis Kyoto students celebrated Earth Day by decorating our school front with beautiful flowers. We also had an interesting talk about ecology, where we discussed how we can […]

Earth Day (Yokohama, Japan)

              To celebrate Earth Day this year, a cleaning was done around busy Yokohama station on Saturday, April 23rd. School members participated in the […]

Earth Day (Osaka, Japan)

It is spring season in Japan now, so the students of New Acropolis Osaka cleaned Ryokuchi Park on Sunday, April 24th. Now everyone can enjoy the flowers even more!

Tea Ceremony (Osaka, Japan)

With the aim of recovering the philosophical meaning of Japanese traditions, New Acropolis organized a tea ceremony. After a brief talk about the history, principles and purpose of the “way […]

Philosophical Walk (Osaka, Japan)

As a way to celebrate International Philosophy Day, a beautiful philosophy walk was held at the Expo ’70 Memorial Park in Osaka, Japan. We walk thinking about how winter motivates […]

Cleaning the coast in Yokohama (Japan)

Special day for the New Acropolis members, we met at Keikyu Maborikaigan station in the morning and went along the coast while collecting garbage from the streets such as cigarette […]