Cleaning the coast in Yokohama (Japan)

Special day for the New Acropolis members, we met at Keikyu Maborikaigan station in the morning and went along the coast while collecting garbage from the streets such as cigarette […]

The Meaning of Halloween (Kyoto, Japan)

Even though nowadays Halloween might be only seen as a fun costume day an opportunity for trick or treating, as philosophers, we always try to go back to the origins […]

Tea Ceremony (Osaka, Japan)

In the spirit of bringing back the philosophical meaning of Japanese traditions, New Acropolis Osaka hosted a Tea Ceremony Event. After a brief lecture about the history, principles and purpose […]

Lotus Viewing Day in Shiga (Kyoto, Japan)

This summer, the New Acropolis students had a special activity in a park in the city of Kusatsu. This park is very famous for its Lotus Flowers, and due to […]

Philosophical Café (Osaka, Japan)

This day, participants of New Acropolis discussed about “The Relationship between Freedom and Destiny”. Some of the questions were whether we are actually free and, if not, how can we […]

Ascent to Mount Fuji (Japan)

              The students of New Acropolis climbed Mt. Fuji. A great adventure where the participants have learnt about the importance of overcoming limits and […]