Earth Day Philosophical Walk (Yokohama, Japan)

Mother Earth Day

Even though it was a long weekend, we held a philosophy walk through Sankeien Garden in Yokohama City, with many people participating.
Many flowers such as irises, wisteria, lotuses, lily pads, and azaleas adorned the walking path and particular, we all stopped and were mesmerized by the cool beauty of the rhododendrons blooming along the stream that runs right next to the tea room.
In commemoration of Earth Day on April 22nd, we walked with a collection of quotes that remind us of our love for earth and nature. I hope these words reach everyone who views it.
– All things are born from the earth and return to the earth. (Xenophanes) / We contain parts of everything that exists in the universe within ourselves. (Anaxagoras) / Nature is the source of all true knowledge. (Leonardo da Vinci) / Those who ponder deeply on the beauty of the earth will be able to maintain the strength to endure until the end of life. (Rachel Carson) / There is wonder in everything in nature. (Aristotle) / Nature is a great scroll written by God. (William Harvey) / One of the first conditions for happiness is that the connection between humans and nature is not destroyed. (Lev Tolstoy) / We still don’t understand even 1/1000 of 1% of what nature has revealed. (Albert Einstein) / You must marvel at the wonders of natural phenomena with your own eyes. (Torahiko Terada) / The further away people are from nature, the more sick they become. (Hippocrates) / Spring is like nature saying, ‘Let’s have a party!’ (Robin Williams)


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