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New Acropolis Tirana took part in a program on Radio Tirana discussing youth in Albania.

The interview focused on the three main areas developed by New Acropolis: Philosophy, Culture, and Volunteering, and highlighted the practical role of Philosophy in our everyday life, the ways Culture promotes humanistic values, and Volunteering as a contribution towards society.

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2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion02
New Acropolis Curitiba (PR-Brazil) with the support of the Brazilian company of airport infrastructure (Infraero) and building systems (Globalplac), inaugurated the exhibition on “Native Trees” in the departure lounge of the Afonso Pena airport, located in the municipality of São José dos Pinhais in the Afonso Pena airport.

Apart from highlighting the very important role of trees, the exhibition promotes philosophical reflection by means of the direct question: what is my role in the world?

For Antonio Pallu, Superintendent of Infraero, the exhibition highlights the importance of environmental awareness for society. “The airport not is only a place of arrivals and departures. It is a place where we can give a positive message to the public, and care for the environment has been an on-going theme in several areas of the Afonso Pena airport,” he said.

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion01

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion03 2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicon04

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Within the framework of the 16th Book Fair of Ribeirão Preto (SP-Brazil) a talk-debate was held titled ‘Origins and solutions for human corruption’ with the participation of Luis Antonio Herce, National Director of the Institute of Law MAAT, Priscila Arduini, Coordinator of the New Acropolis branch in Ribeirão Preto and Caio Vinicius Osman, philosopher and entrepreneur.
The activity was moderated by Edson García Soares, physician, writer and poet.

From the origin of the word ‘corruption’ involving the act of breaking unity, of fragmenting, it is observed within the human being when he starts to disconnect from nature, society, family and, finally, from his own principles.

Learn more:

2016 RibeirãoPreto Brasil-S feria_libro01 2016 RibeirãoPreto Brasil-S feria_libro03
2016 RibeirãoPreto Brasil-S feria_libro05 2016 RibeirãoPreto Brasil-S feria_libro06

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Susana Macías, interviewed by Xavier López.

Susana Macías and Arturo López of New Acropolis Barcelona, were interviewed by Xavier López in the program ‘Ilurion’ of Radio Mataró on Socrates and his disciples. Arturo López, embodies the character of Socrates in the play The Death of Socrates, presented on the New Acropolis stage on several occasions.

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New Acropolis Nicaragua was invited by the television program ‘This Morning’, transmitted on Nicaraguan Television/Channel 8, to share thoughts and tips for a better planning of our time and of our life. How to achieve our dreams and carry out our projects.

Programa de TV

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In celebration of International Teachers Day, New Acropolis Nicaragua was invited by the Television program ‘This Morning’, on Channel 8, to speak about the relevance of Teachers in the development of an individual’s life, and about the Teacher-Disciple relationship that has been relevant throughout the course of History.

Nueva Acropolis Nic

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Invited by Radio Enfoque of the Faculty of Business Studies of the UCA (Central American University), New Acropolis Nicaragua participated in a program broadcast by the University Radio on time management in order to provide a philosophical approach on the subject.

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