Interview with the director of New Acropolis Córdoba for Interlitq magazine (Córdoba, Argentina)

Presence in the Media

Among several prominent individuals from many different fields, Maria Kokolaki, director of New Acropolis Argentina North, was interviewed by Yamila Musa (@yamilamusa) for the international magazine The International Literary Quarterly (, whereby she reflects upon the current situation with a philosophical perspective.

The report was published in the section “From the Trenches” and forms part of a work carried out by the Argentine journalist, bringing together a series of interviews, with all the interviewees answering the same questions, and whose central axis is the social isolation that is experienced today worldwide.

The questions focused on how people have been experiencing these days of social isolation, the impact of this situation of uncertainty on individual rights and, among other issues, thoughts surrounding the possibility of death.
The director of New Acropolis Cordoba states that “each situation can bring something beneficial to those who keep calm and clarity in their goals” and that these unfavorable circumstances on a personal and/or collective level, can help strengthen us as human beings, just as they did with numerous philosophers of all ages (such as Socrates, Epictetus, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, for example), who, in difficult situations, managed to maintain their identity.

Read the entire interview here.

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