Friendship workshop

“Exploring friendship” (Moscow, Russia)

A workshop on friendship brought together the participating volunteers in a series of social projects carried out since last fall including ‘A Touch of Beauty’ and ‘the Walls that Heal’. […]

Staging of “The Surviving Child” (Ural, Russia)

The lecture hall of New Acropolis Chelyabinsk, was transformed into a theater to accommodate for the first time the group “The Beginning”, which staged the work “The Surviving Child”, based […]

“The Walls that Heal” (Moscow, Russia)

“Is it possible to change the world in two days? – Of course not! There’s not enough time!” – they said… I mean the world beyond the admissions department of […]

Musical concert (Russia)

A group of young and talented musicians “A-TRIO”: Aleksey Shabaev, Andrey Gilyazetdinov and Artur Kazaryan (button accordion), together with Aleksandra Turintseva, lyrical and dramatic soprano presented an unforgettable vocal and […]