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New Acropolis organized this trip to various countries and eras, to recognize the culture and traditions of different nations of the world. During the first part of the evening folk dances took the stage. Folk dancing is always an attempt to get closer to nature, to understand its laws and remain in harmonious interaction with it.
It consists of dancing together, hand in hand, and it is not necessary to be a professional, and is therefore accessible to everyone!

The second part of the evening was dedicated to the Renaissance. Generosity, beauty, elegance, gravity are the qualities that distinguish the dances of this period. Modern dances were very much part of this joyful evening as well!

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For the third consecutive year New Acropolis organized an entire program of philosophical and cultural activities, as well as workshops and interactive games to celebrate City Day in Volgograd. Hundreds of people visited the New Acropolis stand and interacted with volunteers!

oina-volg-sep16-1 oina-volg-sep16-2
oina-volg-sep16-4 oina-volg-sep16-5

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During Open House Day participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the program of activities offered throughout the year. What can one learn here? How do the classes unfold? Which topics and questions are discussed during lessons and events?

img_2633Several talks were presented on different topics with an underlying goal, to highlight how philosophy can people in practical ways in their everyday life.

Talks included Understanding Ideas in Music, focusing on how to broaden our understanding of the meaning of musical compositions; and How to Ask Questions  focusing on effective ways to ask questions to clarify our own understanding in a collaborative way, all the while making space to learn something new.




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New Acropolis volunteers from Moscow and Krasnodar organized the second expedition to Adygeya to participate in the creation of the Dolmen Cultural Park in the village of Kamennomostskiy. The expedition was carried out with the support of the Russian Geographical Society in Adygeya, and has attracted public attention to the problem of the Adygeya dolmens’ maintenance and conservation. In this light, several articles were published in the local press, and a documentary was featured  on local TV.
adygeya-2016-1 adygeya-2016-3

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For the fourth time New Acropolis volunteers from Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk, Perm took part in an expedition to Visim natural park, in the context of a developing ecological tourism project consisting in constructing three ecological trails made of wooden decking. Thanks to these constructions tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy nature without perturbing or damaging it.

During an entire week, aside from building trails as a team, classes and practices took place dedicated to survival in the wild: medical first aid, exterior location orientation, making fire, and using creativity with alternative uses of  everyday objects.

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Touching the Beauty projec

After two months of preparations the exhibition of sculptural replicas created for blind persons  “Gods and heroes of Ancient Greece” opened in Moscow. This exhibition is part of the program “Touching Beauty”.

The event was accompanied by theatrical and musical performances dedicated to Ancient Greece which blind children had prepared together with their teachers.

We had not expected that such an event could be so helpful for blind children, who made so many discoveries, and expressed their delight and creativity. This collaboration with the School will continue, and the next exhibition will be dedicated to ancient Egypt.

We are very grateful to all the volunteers who took part in creating this exhibition and hope to meet again at our future projects and other New Acropolis events.






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Ecofest 2
Upon the initiative of New Acropolis Moscow and the Eco-educational Platform “The Center of resources saving”, the festival lasted for 4 weeks  with a program of events including lectures, workshops, discussion clubs and volunteering activities dedicated to fostering a caring attitude towards the world, nature, the city and every individual.

The main themes of the Festival were the relationship between man and nature, solutions to recent environmental problems, the essential active participation of each person with regards to practical environmental issues.

Ecofest 3

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