“The Walls that Heal” (Moscow, Russia)

“Is it possible to change the world in two days? – Of course not! There’s not enough time!” – they said… I mean the world beyond the admissions department of […]

Musical concert (Russia)

A group of young and talented musicians “A-TRIO”: Aleksey Shabaev, Andrey Gilyazetdinov and Artur Kazaryan (button accordion), together with Aleksandra Turintseva, lyrical and dramatic soprano presented an unforgettable vocal and […]

Book Fair (Ural, Russia)

New Acropolis Chelyabinsk participated another year in the latest edition of the Book Fair at the invitation of its promoter, the Regional Scientific Library. This is one of the major […]

“Art Nights” (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

New Acropolis Chelyabinsk participated for the second time in ‘Art Night’ with the slogan ‘Art Unites!’. Like the last time, there was a significant turnout of people… During the first […]

“Buddhism and Modern Physics” (Russia)

First event of the philosophical Festival “Happiness is the Way” dedicated to World Philosophy Day. It may seem that both these concepts – Buddhism and modern physics – have no […]