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New Acropolis Tirana organized another book club meeting, an opportunity to share and discuss big ideas through different times. The book of the month was The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck, presenting an enriching perspective of love and traditional values. The power of this book stands on the fact that it shows a road, not an ordinary one, but a road through which every person can perceive and experience spiritual growth.

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In collaboration with the Student Cultural Center of Belgrade, New Acropolis presented the lecture titled ‘Overcoming Fears’. Through a philosophical focus, participants identified lack of knowledge and experience as the main causes of their fears. Everything that is unknown frightens us and can block us, but can also encourage us to take action. By overcoming fears, the unknown becomes known, and doubt and pain disappear.

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The Kfar Saba branch organizes ‘A Place to Meet’,  a philosophical-pub offering the public the opportunity to enjoy a quality Friday evening at the Center. The event includes drinks and snacks and enables people to engage in conversation on different topics : spirit vs. matter, relationships, escape from routine, current affairs and much more.


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New Acropolis Tirana took part in a program on Radio Tirana discussing youth in Albania.

The interview focused on the three main areas developed by New Acropolis: Philosophy, Culture, and Volunteering, and highlighted the practical role of Philosophy in our everyday life, the ways Culture promotes humanistic values, and Volunteering as a contribution towards society.

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On the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s book Utopia, the Director of New Acropolis UK, Sabine Leitner, presented an evening inspired by the imaginary island that the author used as a representation of the perfect society. The talk offered an exploration of what utopias are and suggested that they can be seen as necessary drivers of change.

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Carried out by the JANOS program of philosophy for young people of New Acropolis, Philosogeek seeks to promote, philosophically, the best of Pop culture of Indie Games, role-playing games, board games, HQ, martial arts and Cosplays, and rescue the myths and symbolism present in the stories, books, movies and games.

In its second edition, visited by about 300 people, there were exhibitions, interactive activities, and lectures titled: Dungeons & Dragons: Light and Shadow, How to be authentic in a world of shadows, The Saga of Tolkien, and Avengers and Heroes with a philosophical interpretation.

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A Wheel of Virtues and a group of dressed up philosophers went to Broadway Market in London on a busy Saturday. People were encouraged to have a go at spinning the ‘wheel’, getting a virtue and receiving an inspiring quote. More than a hundred pedestrians were attracted by seeing ‘ancient philosophers’ approaching them with information about this international celebration. It was a very successful activity and a great way of spreading philosophy in our society.

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