Conference: What is worth it? (Belgium)

To what we give value determines what we do, and which path we take. In this conference, we explored different philosophical ideas, ancient and modern, from the east and the […]

Conference: The Stoics (Brussels, Belgium)

New Acropolis presented an online conference entitled The Stoics – How to mobilize one’s inner strength ?. It was an opportunity for the speaker to share his passion for this […]

Your heroic task (Belgrade, Serbia)

At the end of September, volunteers from New Acropolis mounted the exhibition “Your heroic task” in the center of the city. Over the course of two days, passersby received the […]

The importance of failure (Panama)

Series of practical and useful talks for daily life problems. Failure is a topic that is not very accepted in our daily lives, so much so that we can be […]

One million downloads of our podcasts (Brazil)

Launched in January 2018, the Philosophical Podcast channel of New Acropolis Brazil, recently reached one million downloads in several streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts. In almost […]