Philosophical weekend (Czech Republic)

Members of New Acropolis from several cities in the Czech Republic had the opportunity over the weekend to practice cooperation, the communication not only of ideas but also of emotions […]

Stoic Workshop – The Inner Bastion (Warsaw)

Members of New Acropolis in Warsaw organised a four-day Stoic workshop. Exercises of the most important Stoic practices were implemented; philosophical practices that are still relevant today and help to […]

Rethinking Justice (Chicago, USA)

New Acropolis Chicago hosted the event ‘Rethinking Justice – Ancient Ideas for Today’s Freethinkers’. In this interactive event we discussed ancient views of politics, justice, harmonious co-existence in the teachings […]

Open Doors Day in Brno (Czech Republic)

New Acropolis Brno opened its doors to public and welcomed all guests with various activities. Besides a lecture, the visitors could also engage in philosophical dialog and were presented with […]