“Philosophy for Life” podcast (Israel)

We published out another episode of our “Philosophy for Life” podcast! And this time – a chapter on illness and healing with Tamar Ben-Shushan, who specializes in psychological treatment, and […]

Online Talk: The Language of Symbols (London, UK)

This online talk, given by our speaker Julian Scott, explained how symbols – just like written language – express meaning, often at a deeper level than rational expression. The evening […]

A Philosophical Look at Life and Death (Brazil)

Talk entitled “A philosophical look at life and death”, streamed on New Acropolis You Tube Channel, a very relevant topic addressed by many traditions, always posing a deep reflection by all […]

Philosophy Night (Zurich, Switzerland)

Online premiere Philosophy is never in lockdown… as demonstrated at this year’s Long Night of Philosophy, which not only celebrated its fifth anniversary, but also its online premiere. It was […]

Lecture: “Active Philosophy” (Panama)

In our talk on Active Philosophy, we talk about how great ideas accompanied by actions endure through time; about Socrates and his influence on Athenian society and from there to […]