Philosophy Night 2022 (Montreal, Canada)

On World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis Montreal organized the third edition of the Night of Philosophy where almost two hundred people participated. Nine lectures and other activities were held at […]

World Philosophy Day (France)

Once again, in 2022, the association New Acropolis actively participated in World Philosophy Day, decreed in 2005 by UNESCO, taking place on the third Thursday of November each year. More […]

World Philosophy Day (Cyprus)

In honor of World Philosophy Day, declared by Unesco, we invited people to a lecture on “Universal Symbols” and their deeper meaning and power. This interactive activity allowed everyone to […]

Night of Philosophers part 2 (Panama)

For the second part of the Night of Philosophers, an event open to the public, the students of the School of Philosophy presented the following philosophers and their teachings: Lao-Tse, […]