Online Talk: Philosophy for Living (London, UK)

This talk focused on the practical applications of philosophy and on understanding how nature can be seen as our greatest teacher. The speaker, Julian Scott, presented a practical approach to […]

Filo-NetCafé workshop (Győr, Hungary)

To change and carry out change The Filo-NetCafé workshop was held at the Győr center in New Acropolis. In the online course, participants heard about the example of Confucius and […]

Carlos Adelantado

Appointment of the new International President

On the occasion of the ordinary General Assembly of the International Organization New Acropolis, and in view of the resignation of the previous President, the appointment of Carlos Adelantado Puchal, […]

Let’s strengthen love – video (Israel)

During the Corona, we made and filmed a video in collaboration with a number of New Acropolis members and an original text written by the Tel Aviv branch manager. The […]