Philosophy Night (Lausanne, Switzerland)

We are pleased that the Philosophy Night, supported by UNESCO Switzerland, has been able, despite the crisis, to offer the public a dozen activities for children, teenagers and adults on […]

Talks on Philosophy and Art (Bolivia)

Art and philosophy have always been intertwined in such a way that art, in a profound sense, could not be understood without the symbolic and contextual interpretations provided by philosophy. […]

Mural in Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)

Volunteers from many New Acropolis branches painted for two days a 30-metre long mural on one of the walls of the Intercultural Centre of Xela, in the department of Quetzaltenango.  […]

Our needs in a “pyramid” (Attica, Greece)

In online seminars and discussions, we talked about people’s needs, as they are rank according to Maslow. Find out about the online events of the “New Acropolis”, in Greece, through […]

Talks on Philosophy and Science (Bolivia)

Convinced of the great influence that philosophy has on the different tasks of humanity, a series of talks were held on how the exercise of philosophy provides vision and direction […]

Philosophy in rap (Guatemala)

This talk was delivered through the virtual platform of Instagram, with the aim of sharing opinions about the lyrics and ideas of some exponents of rap music. One of the […]