Philosophical Fitness: thoughts and words that move (Bologna, Italy)

Promotion of Philosophy

This theatrical initiative was presented by the volunteers of New Acropolis in Bologna, with the sponsorship of the “Porto-Saragozza” District. The idea is that scenography and theatrical texts can help us reflect and better understand what is inside each of us and then spur us to action.

The script is a dialogue between an “idealist” and a “philosopher”. There are also several silent actors who, with their performance, give an example of how it is possible to modify and improve ourselves even in small ways. The show is divided into three distinct acts: the first introduces the principles of “The Noble Eightfold Path” according to Buddhism; the second, inspired by Seneca, considers time management as an opportunity to exercise generosity, towards ourselves and others; the third indicates the path to happiness represented by virtuous human actions, according to the teachings of Aristotle.

In a simple and amusing way, the actors interpret a frenetic, superficial and often indifferent present, but the path indicated at the end leads the Idealist to conclude his journey with an important reflection: to contribute concretely to the change of the part of the world that belongs to us.


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