Presentation of the book: “Priestesses for Peace” (Portugal)

Editorial News

New Acropolis Portugal has published the book “Priestesses for Peace“. Written by several author-volunteers of New Acropolis, it presents a vision of women related to mysticism and peace.

Mysticism is related to “The Sacred“, and women are the transmitters par excellence of this aspect of life. The pedagogical work is always in “the interior” of the feminine.

Peace, as a consequence of that mysticism, leads her to the creation of that harmony so unique, so feminine, and to the expansion to her surroundings of the inner peace she has achieved. Woman is the eternal giver of life.

These aspects have been captured through different civilizations, which have managed to show the highest and best values of women.

The book was presented at the New Acropolis Centres in the Azores, Braga, Oeiras-Cascais, Famalicão and Lisbon.

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