Toys donations (Palencia, Guatemala)

Marathon and delivery of toys to more than 300 children in the village of “Potrero Grande” in the municipality of Palencia, Guatemala. With activities like these, we cultivate the spirit […]

“Let’s be useful” Campaign (Costa Rica)

Each year, the Costa Rica Headquarters coordinates the campaign to collect donations of school supplies to support the Chumico Unidocente School in Baja Talamanca. This yearly initiative supports children in […]

Volunteering Festival (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

We celebrated our Acropolitan Volunteering Festival. As a school of practical philosophy, based on the content of our “Philosophy for Living” course, we brought together those attending our courses and […]

Knitting for Solidarity (Coimbra, Portugal)

In our civilised world, communication is often lacking, precisely in the age of communication; empathy is lacking, precisely in the age of the welfare state; and there is a lack […]