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bosnia 2 bosnia 3New Acropolis in Sarajevo organized an Ecology Course, attended by 18 people, all wanting to dedicate their time to understanding and preserving nature.

Included in the Course: two lectures, workshops, participation in the cleaning action for S.O.S. children’s village, as part of the ‘Let’s do it’ European event, and cleaning the Trebevic mountain .

The survival portion of the course was held in nature with lectures on orientation and survival techniques, plant conservation and instructions on how to light a fire in the wild.

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Bosnia_DiaMundialFil_1Bosnia_DiaMundialFil_2New Acropolis in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized together with the Hermes International Institute of Anthropology, the Historical Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo a program of activities that developed during several days under the title ‘ I’ll get out… and you? Actuality of “the cavern” allegory of Plato ‘, and which had as special guest Mr Sinisa Sesum, head of the office of UNESCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The program included the following activities: workshops for young people ‘Being young, being idealistic today’ with the assistance of students from 12 high schools; Conference ‘The actuality of Plato’s allegory of the cave’ and ‘The Academy of Plato’; a presentation on ‘The iconography of Plato through history’; the screening of the movie ‘The Truman show’; an exhibition with illustrations of the ‘allegory of the cave’; another exhibition of works created by young people at the workshops, and an informative-creative stand in the main square of the city with interactive panels “Write-draw” inviting participants to express their views on: ‘ my philosophy is…, idealism for me is… ‘.
The objective of this event was to highlight the importance of a holistic education through philosophy, and increasing awareness of the very current situation that Plato presents in his allegory of the cave.

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Volunteering_Orphanage_BosniaNew Acropolis volunteers visited the orphanage ‘Bjelave’ in Sarajevo. For this occasion they took around 20 archaeological reproductions of their cultural heritage as a tool of support to the education of children. Together with the children, our volunteers decorated the home with these replicas.

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Curso de aceites esenciales What are essential oils? How and why must we use them in our daily life? These and many other questions about essential oils were the objective of the two-day course ‘Fragrant Drops – Gifts of Nature’ carried out by New Acropolis in Sarajevo.
Throughout these two days participants of the workshop-seminar learned about the useful properties of essential oils, relevant for various medical and cosmetic purposes. In addition, participants had the opportunity to create their own unique blends and enjoy a symphony of essences.

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On April 19th and 20th 2013 New Acropolis Sarajevo hosted a two day “Molding and Varnishing Archeological reproductions” workshop. The attendees experienced first-hand all stages of the process, each student making a replica. Reproductions span across variety of cultures and civilizations, with special emphasis on heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The course also gave participants the opportunity to give back to local community, as all reproductions inspired by Bosnian culture are intended for local orphanage “Bjelave”.

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Book-fair_Book launch_Sarajevo_April.2013

Accepting an invitation from the annual International Sarajevo Book Fair, held from April 17th to 22nd 2013, to partake in Book Fair, New Acropolis had promotion of their new book “Conversations” by Confucius. The event opened with brief introduction about the activities of New Acropolis, followed by the lecture on life and teaching of Confucius, and few words about the translation. The visitors showed most interest in hearing about Confucian “way of noble man” as applied to our daily lives.

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Book presentationNew Acropolis in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, held the presentation of the newly published book “Conversations (parts of the book Lun Yu)” by Confucius on December 20th 2012. Visitors were introduced to this great figure who has made a very important influence on history and culture of China.

The occasion took place before many distinguished persons related to literary, academic and media circles in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Ambassador of the People´s Republic of China, His Excellency Mr. Wang Fuguo.

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