International Mother Earth Day (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mother Earth Day

To celebrate International Mother Earth Day New Acropolis of Bosnia and Herzegovina has organized three events. We started with a screening of the documentary Dom (Home, 2009, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand). The beauty of our home, the diversity of life on Earth, the influence of humanity on ecological equilibrium – were topics for us to think about, to talk about and to prepare for further action.

This was followed by the action of cleaning up of our neighborhood in Sarajevo and maintaining the greenery that our volunteers regularly take care of throughout the year.

The third event was held amidst nature, near the town of Konjic. Activities such as climbing the nearby peak, determining the pH of the soil and planting seedlings were accompanied by measuring the girth of the 250-year-old oak tree, walking and watching the sunset.

It was an honor to remember the ‘birthday’ and to express our gratitude to Mother Earth, who so selflessly and continuously gives us life and provides us with a home.

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