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With the slogan ‘Urgent Ideas’ New Acropolis took part in the 5th edition of TEDx Managua, which took place at the Olof Palme Convention Center, in the city of Managua. TEDx is a space that promotes the exchange of ideas, debates and interaction among participants through conferences and symposia on various issues. Participants enjoyed spinning the ‘Wheel of Virtues’, whereby they received a volunteer-made philosophical phrase corresponding to the virtue they landed on.

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Nueva Acrópolis Córdoba por el Día Mundial de la Mujer, Buen Pastor, Córdoba.

In the framework of the activities commemorating International Women’s Day, New Acropolis Cordoba participated in the Conference organized by the government in the Buen Pastor complex in the center of the city.

In a talk dedicated to women philosophers, the director of New Acropolis Argentina-North, María Kokolaki, spoke about the feminine nature and its role in the history of humanity, journeying through the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, China and America.

The talk was transmitted live with screens and external loudspeakers.

The Governor of Cordoba congratulating the director of New Acropolis

She presented twelve women who have stood out in the cultivation of human values, including Hypatia of Alexandria, Joan of Arc, Helena Blavatsky, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Maria Reiche.

The talk was featured in the media and transmitted live to the city by screens and external loudspeakers. At the closing ceremony, the Governor of Cordoba congratulated New Acropolis for its cultural and educational contribution, and gave its director a gift.

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On November 30th New Acropolis Brazil received from the Federal Chamber of Deputies the medal for ‘Legislative Merit’ for its work in the service of society.
This award pays tribute to entities, Brazilian or foreign, that have carried out or are carrying out significant service work for the community.

Palavras do Prof. Luis Carlos Marques, Diretor-Presidente de Nova Acrópole no Brasil Norte, por ocasião da condecoração que celebra o reconhecimento nacional da instituição, em razão dos trabalhos relevantes realizados na sociedade. A “Medalha Mérito Legislativo” é uma homenagem que pode agraciar autoridades, personalidades, instituições ou entidades nacionais e estrangeiras que, em certo momento da história do País, realizaram trabalhos que tiveram repercussão e trouxeram algum amplo beneficio ao povo brasileiro. Trata-se de um reconhecimento do nosso trabalho de valorização da filosofia, cultura e voluntariado, que vem contribuindo, continuamente, para a formação do ser humano e a promoção do diálogo, para além das diferenças. A homenagem reforçou nosso compromisso de continuar trabalhando para fazer florescer o que o ser humano tem de melhor. O evento foi televisionado e transmitido ao vivo via Facebook, e contou com a presença de voluntários da instituição.Parabéns Nova Acrópole e todos os voluntários que tornam esse sonho, de fazer do mundo um lugar melhor, possível!

Posted by Nova Acrópole Brasília – Escola de Filosofia on Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Director Luis Carlos Marques Fonseca receives the medal and diploma of recognition.

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New Acropolis Mumbai organized a debate entitled “Empowering real change”, in collaboration with the Indian Express newspaper. Speakers included the educator and environmental specialist Sonam Wangchuk, the philanthropist Tsarina Screwvala (Swades Foundation) and the philosopher Yaron Barzilay (Director of New Acropolis in India).

With over 150 attendees, the presenters at this ’round table’ emphasized the need for a sustainable change in society, beyond quick and immediate fixes, which are of little relevance and lead to uncertainty and despair. A collective investigation showed that the “Post-truth” world  (Word of the Year 2016, Oxford Dictionary), leads to individuals’ inability to dream and to aspire to a better world. It turns out that our challenges could be more possible to carry out, redefining how society provides education. Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the individual at the time of choosing to participate in the change.

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In collaboration with the National Hellenic Museum, New Acropolis Chicago commemorated the 2400th Anniversary of the birth of Aristotle with a ’round table’ that discussed the topic of ‘Education to Happiness’, highlighting themes such as Virtue and Happiness in the teachings of Aristotle, and philosophy in our everyday lives.

Speakers were Prof. Anastasia Giannakidou from University of Chicago, Dr. Mark Jonas from Wheaton College, Dr. Gonzalo Obelliero, and Gilad Sommer representing New Acropolis.


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New Acropolis Tirana took part in a program on Radio Tirana discussing youth in Albania.

The interview focused on the three main areas developed by New Acropolis: Philosophy, Culture, and Volunteering, and highlighted the practical role of Philosophy in our everyday life, the ways Culture promotes humanistic values, and Volunteering as a contribution towards society.

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New Acropolis Tirana participated in the Fair of youth organizations, organized by National Network of Youth and Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, as a manner of support theses associations. NA-Tirana presented its project plan according to Roma Community in Albania and as well as the programme of activities based on the Culture, Philosophy and Volunteering.


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