“Everyday Heroe”, World Philosophy Day (Poland)

We celebrate World Philosophy Day. On the occasion of this commemoration, we organized online public lectures entitled “Everyday Heroe”, where the public wondered what the idea of hero represents in […]

Charity collection (Warsaw, Poland)

Members of New Akropolis organize charity collection of warm clothes. This year were handed over plenty of winter jackets, hoodies, sweaters and other wears for the Clinic for the homeless […]

Summer Activities (Warsaw, Poland)

We enjoy the good summer weather by organizing a series of activities. After a philosophy conference in the park, we organized a barbecue and sports games. The next day, those […]

Face masks sewing (Warsaw, Poland)

During the pandemic time the new ways of helping each other had occured. The obligation to wear masks prompted us to develop our manual skills to help those in need. […]

Philosophical evening tales (Warsaw, Poland)

In these difficult times of self-isolation, the volunteers of New Acropolis with the aim of accompanying or alleviating to some extent, presented online – on the fb platform – a […]

Vistula River Care (Warsaw, Poland)

New Acropolis continues to maintain the local environment by cleaning up the shoreline of the Vistula River. This annual event pays off, as this year the area had much less […]