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New Acropolis Warsaw carried out an artistic workshop open to the public for the creation of small winter lamps using the decoupage technique, a manual decoration utilizing printed papers and fabrics which are pasted on diverse supports such as wood, ceramic, glass, pottery, etc.

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As part of the series of activities called ‘A unique philosophical meeting’, New Acropolis Warsaw gave a lecture titled ‘The Philosophy of the Celts’, focusing on the Celtic vision of the world and the human being as part of nature.

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New Acropolis Warsaw celebrated World Philosophy Day with a three-day program including lectures, workshops, and dialogues.

The theme of the first day was ‘Schools of Philosophy in the Classical Tradition’, and presentations were held on the importance and role of philosophy schools throughout history.  During practical workshops, participants carried out practices related to ‘observation’.


The second day was dedicated to ‘The Philosophy of Culture’, and the influence of philosophy on the cultural process, relationships in society, and the formative culture of self-knowledge. During the corresponding practical workshop, participants discovered aspects of themselves through theatrical exercises.



The theme of the third day was ‘The Philosophy of Volunteering’, whereby the importance of Will and Free Will in philosophy was discussed. During the practical workshop, participants expressed their internal process of good will preparing handmade toys for hospitalized children.


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New Acropolis Warsaw organized an interactive event at the ethnographic museum in the city,  a journey through the mysteries of the Bali culture through its ceremonial fabrics, through images that illustrate important and popular epics as the Bhagavad Gita or the Ramayana, and of course, through the everyday art of the Balinese people.

The Art and Magic of Bali


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Volunteers of New Acropolis in Warsaw continued the project ‘The Heart of the Vistula River’, as a long-term ecological activity aiming to clean-up the banks of the Vistula River, which are heavily polluted by people.

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2016 The Year of AristotleIn the framework of UNESCO declaring 2016 Year of Aristotle, as this year marks the 2400th anniversary of the philosopher’s birth,  New Acropolis in Warsaw organized two lectures titled “In the pursuit of happiness” and “The search for the golden mean”.

The lectures were accompanied by philosophical workshops, with the aim of emphasizing the importance of virtues for everyday life.


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art classes for young patients

New Acropolis volunteers in Warsaw in collaboration with the ‘ForLife’ Foundation organized art classes for young patients at the Children’s Health Center in Warsaw – Międzylesie.


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