Stoic Workshop – The Inner Bastion (Warsaw)

Members of New Acropolis in Warsaw organised a four-day Stoic workshop. Exercises of the most important Stoic practices were implemented; philosophical practices that are still relevant today and help to […]

Mother Earth Day 2024 (Poland)

As part of the International Earth Day 2024 celebrations, volunteers of New Acropolis in Poland cleaned up the city forest in Gdansk, and the banks of the Vistula in Warsaw.

“Touch of Eternal Beauty” (Warsaw, Poland)

Opening of the “Touch of Eternal Beauty” exhibition devoted to the art of Ancient Egypt and was prepared so that people with visual impairments could also experience its beauty. New […]

World Philosophy Day (Gdansk, Poland)

Volunteers of New Acropolis in Gdansk celebrated World Philosophy Day by a public lecture and workshop “7 steps toward Stoicism”. We got to know about stoic’s practices which can enrich […]

World Philosophy Day (Warsaw, Poland)

Volunteers in Warsaw organized a week-long workshop on “7 Principles of Stoicism” to promote Philosophy in Action. Participants had the opportunity to learn the difference between fantasy and imagination, had […]

The Power of Imagination (Poland)

Members of the New Acropolis in Warsaw and Gdansk organized the Philosophical workshop – The Power of Imagination. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the impact of our […]