Trip to Markušovce (Košice, Slovakia)

Members and friends of New Acropolis Slovakia took part in a trip to the castle in Markušovce. During the exposition of the castle, they listened to a piano concert in […]

Heart in Hand (Košice, Slovakia)

Mária Mihálová, a long-time member and head of the branch of New Acropolis in Košice, became the volunteer of the year 2021 of the Košice region in Slovakia in the […]

Treasure of the West (Bratislava, Slovakia)

New Acropolis Slovakia drew from the richness of Western philosophy during a lecture titled Treasury of the West. The audience recalled how Plato contributed to the knowledge of mankind; the […]

Treasure of the East (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The participants of the online lecture looked into the Treasure of the East together. They became familiar with the ideas of Buddha, Confucius, the Tibetan text Voice of Silence, and […]