Bowling training ( Bratislava, Slovakia)

Members of New Acropolis took part in a bowling training session. Bowling as a sport requires concentration on the moment of the throw, good technique, that is, combining swing, strength, […]

Tourist trip to Poľana (Slovakia, Bratislava)

Trips to nature help us strengthen our health and get to know the world. The participants of the tourist trip to Poľana from New Acropolis Slovakia admired the caldera of an […]

Power of illusions (Bratislava, Slovakia)

What are illusions? Where do we meet them? How they affect us? The participants of the Power of illusions workshop in New Acropolis Bratislava were looking for answers to these […]

Earth week (Bratislava, Slovakia)

As part of “Earth Week”, New Acropolis Slovakia organized an ecological creative workshops, an online lecture on “4 elements in nature and in man” and a workshop “How to make […]

Canoe trip on Little Danube (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Members and friends of New Akropolis spent an adventurous day canoeing the Little Danube. The beautiful nature, the calm surface of the Danube – all this contributed to an unforgettable experience […]