Magic Egypt (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The great interest about the lecture Magic Egypt prepared by the New Akcropolis Slovakia shows that the ancient culture from the Nile River is interesting not only for its world-famous […]

Earth Week ( Bratislava, Slovakia)

New Acropolis Slovakia also celebrated World Earth Day this year and held several activities as part of the Earth Week event. Right at the beginning it was a dance for […]

World Earth Day (Košice, Slovakia)

You can connect with the Earth in different ways, and on the occasion of World Earth Day, two classes of children from an elementary school in Košice tried it through […]

Carnival (Bratislava, Slovakia)

New Acropolis Bratislava organized a Carnival with a the theme of “Science and Art” . There were original masks, dances and tasty treat, but especially a good mood. Ending winter […]

Inventury in the library (Bratislava,Slovakia)

Several members took an annual inventory the library of New Acropolis Bratislava. They joined the process and was  searching and checking books and magazines together. They had a great time […]