Inventury in the library (Bratislava,Slovakia)

Several members took an annual inventory the library of New Acropolis Bratislava. They joined the process and was  searching and checking books and magazines together. They had a great time […]

Man and his Shadow ( Bratislava, Slovakia)

At the January weekend seminar in New Acropolis Slovakia, was called “Shadow” – one of the archetypes described by the swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung. He and other experts who […]

Paracelsus (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Important figures of history are often the main contents of the lectures prepared by New Acropolis Slovakia. Paracelsus was also such a personality. An important physician and philosopher of the […]

Welcome New Year (Slovakia, Bratislava)

New Acropolis Slovakia started the year 2024 with a walk, during which the participants harmonized with the nature. They reminded that man is a part of  the nature and that […]