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P1420186 After the International Congress of Culture and Volunteerism held by New Acropolis in the city of Antigua Guatemala last April, some attendees from Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Peru visited different areas of Guatemala, within the ‘Travel with philosophy’ program.

Travelers mainly visited the archaeological Maya areas of Petén from Flores Island, with guided tours in Yaxhá, Topoxté and the spectacular ruins of Tikal, with more than two hundred ancient structures, where travelers could climb pyramids that rose above the jungle, exploring ancient temples and enjoying the beauty of the steles of ancient Maya rulers. P1420223
Some participants supplemented the tour with a visit to the ruins of Copán in Honduras and a journey through several cities and archaeological sites in Mexico.

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Anuario Nueva Acrópolis 2015Every year, the International Organization New Acropolis publishes a yearbook with some of the most important activities held in over 60 countries where it is installed.

In this publishing you can see a highlight of the most outstanding activities and a numerical summary of actions taken by NA last year. As an introduction, there are a few words of International Directors titled “The best changes starts with ourselves” (by Delia Steinberg) and “Facing the effects of climate change” (by Jorge Alvarado). You can download a free PDF with the full content through this link.

Or you can also watch online on this page.

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Am_MexicoVolunteers from New Acropolis in Leon gathered to celebrate with a toast the anniversary of this project that has helped hundreds of people…
The journalist Ignacio Ramírez Padilla was a guest at this celebration and published the following review in the newspaper AM:

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IONA in timeAll New Acropolis branches spread over 60 countries on five continents, are celebrating the 57th anniversary of its founding.

On July 15, 1957 the International Organization New Acropolis began its work led by Professor Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gradually, the philosophical ideal that inspires its activities was extended, first to South America, then to West and East Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

57 years later, volunteers serve about 500 schools of philosophy in the classical manner worldwide by promoting the principles of universal brotherhood, comparative study of religions, sciences and systems of thinking and helping people to find a sense of existence and develop their qualities. These centers of activity in the fields of Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering perform varied and extensive programs that benefit thousands of people.


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Nueva Acropolis - Asamblea 2014
The International Organization New Acropolis held its Annual Meeting in the city of Zagreb (Croatia). The attending 250 delegates from 60 countries appreciated the actions of IONA in its different fields: philosophy, culture and volunteerism and coordinated new programs for the upcoming year.

The Assembly’s resolution expresses the determination of the Organization to carry out actions that help improve individuals and society by means of philosophical education and the commitment to continue its programs for environmental and social action.

IONA is showing sustained growth in its areas of work around the world and has opened new delegations in Belarus, Albania, South Korea and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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New Acropolis Uruguay shows us the first pages of “Ankor: the last prince of Atlantis”, as a preview of the adaptation to a comic book based on the novel by Jorge Angel Livraga.

Check it out:


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En torno al fuegoWe recently republished an article with this title, Gather around the fire“, written more than 30 years by the founder of New Acropolis , Professor Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi. As perhaps many ye could not read then, now you can enjoy it and judge whether content is no longer relevant to point out the problems of modern society.

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In the first of the twelve doorways that await us in this year 1983, it is good – or perhaps simply inevitable – to sharpen the sight and hearing of the Soul in order to detect what the future holds in store for us, based on the interaction between our own characteristics and the environment, under the curved shadow of the dented scythe of time.

We will not consult the stars because we are ignorant of such matters, nor will we consult men because they deceive us.

We are together, but we are alone.

I once said that no man is alone if he is with God, and that remains metaphysically true, but our hands are slipping away in the darkness, and in the smallness that conditions everything human we find little else but darkness, dampness and cold. Yes… this damp cold of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in which all things tend to dissolve, and as they collapse and lose their age-old forms, we console our dulled reason by telling each other that these changes are the dynamics of the currents of life. And that everything will be for the best. So accustomed is our tongue to this catchphrase that no sooner has our mouth opened than it pronounces it; although now it does so between gritted teeth…

You can continue reading it clicking here, Gather around the Fire.

You can also share it through social networks to reach more people.

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