New Acropolis: Culture

In New Acropolis we recognize the need to preserve and develop, through an integrating approach, Art, Science, Mysticism and Politics, as fundamental aspects that constitute a civilization. Through a wide […]

‘Travel with philosophy’ Program… in Guatemala

After the International Congress of Culture and Volunteerism held by New Acropolis in the city of Antigua Guatemala last April, some attendees from Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, […]

Anuario Nueva Acrópolis 2015

2015 New Acropolis International Yearbook

Every year, the International Organization New Acropolis publishes a yearbook with some of the most important activities held in over 60 countries where it is installed. In this publishing you […]

New Acropolis celebrates its 57th anniversary

All New Acropolis branches spread over 60 countries on five continents, are celebrating the 57th anniversary of its founding. On July 15, 1957 the International Organization New Acropolis began its […]

Gather around the Fire

We recently republished an article with this title, “Gather around the fire“, written more than 30 years by the founder of New Acropolis , Professor Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi. As […]