‘Travel with philosophy’ Program… in Guatemala

Cultural Activities

P1420186 After the International Congress of Culture and Volunteerism held by New Acropolis in the city of Antigua Guatemala last April, some attendees from Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Peru visited different areas of Guatemala, within the ‘Travel with philosophy’ program.

Travelers mainly visited the archaeological Maya areas of Petén from Flores Island, with guided tours in Yaxhá, Topoxté and the spectacular ruins of Tikal, with more than two hundred ancient structures, where travelers could climb pyramids that rose above the jungle, exploring ancient temples and enjoying the beauty of the steles of ancient Maya rulers. P1420223
Some participants supplemented the tour with a visit to the ruins of Copán in Honduras and a journey through several cities and archaeological sites in Mexico.

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