Lecture on Nikola Tesla (Czech Republic)

New Acropolis in several cities of the country organized lectures on brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla. Lectures turned out to be so popular that the number of people was higher that […]

Trip to Bohemian Paradise (Liberec, Czech Republic)

Journey to Bohemian Paradise (Český Ráj). They visited observation tower in Hlavatice u Trutnova, where they reminded themselves the myth of Theseus and the labyrint, one historical homestead called Kopicův […]

Ecological clean-up (Prague, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis Prague also participated in the “Clean-up Czech Republic – Clean-up the world” project by organizing a clean-up in a local forest. In just a few hours under nice […]

Archery training (Prague, Czech Republic)

Spring archery training in the Prague’s fields . The budding athletes not only improved their archery skills but also trained their physical fitness, posture as well as attention and concentration. […]

Lecture on T. G. Masaryk (Prague, Czech Republic)

In cooperation with Scauting Institute, New Acropolis organized a lecture on the first president of the Czechoslovakia T. G. Masaryk as a philosopher, not as a politician. The visitors filled […]