Philosophical weekend (Czech Republic)

Members of New Acropolis from several cities in the Czech Republic had the opportunity over the weekend to practice cooperation, the communication not only of ideas but also of emotions […]

Book World Prague 2024 (Czech Republic)

Once again just like in previous years New Acropolis Prague participated in Book World fair and exhibition. This year the event had a beautiful motto, quote by Franz Kafka “A […]

Open Doors Day in Brno (Czech Republic)

New Acropolis Brno opened its doors to public and welcomed all guests with various activities. Besides a lecture, the visitors could also engage in philosophical dialog and were presented with […]

Cleaning up Prague (Czech Republic)

Every April New Acropolis Prague organizes a clean-up in the city district Prague 10 and this year was no different. With an approval and help of the local authorities, volunteers […]

Trip to Jizera Mountains (Czech Republic)

The School of Sport of New Acropolis organized a trip to Jizera Mountains. Athletes came from Prague and Liberec armed with skis; however, the weather changed their plans with continuous […]

Learning archery (Czech Republic)

On 16th March New Acropolis organised a course in archery for its members at Horní Světlá. Aspiring archers travelled from all over Czech Republic – from Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, […]