Reforestation efforts (Zlín, Czech Republic)

Volunteers from New Acropolis continued their reforestation efforts. They took care of the meadows and its surrounding fenced area, where they had planted oak trees before. The trees were planted […]

How to find a way (Zlin, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis organised several useful and fun activities for its members. One of them was a workshop where the participants learned how to use a compass and understand maps.

Ecological clean-up (Prague, Czech Republic)

Every spring New Acropolis organizes ecological clean-ups. However, 2021 isn’t kind to any large event due to government restrictions. Members of New Acropolis Prague were smart and organized a clean-up […]

Round table (Prague, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis organized a discussion for all members. These discussions, affectionately called roundtables, focus on different themes. This time was the values of men and their importance in these unstable […]