Caring for trees near Zlin (Czech Republic)

New ecological action in the forests near your city. An area where volunteers had planted some oak trees in 2016. This time, in addition to clearing the growing trees, more […]

From Plato to Matrix (Prague, Czech Republic)

This interesting name was given to a lecture and short philosophical play organized by New Acropolis Prague. The lecture was focused on the Allegory of the Cave, found in Plato’s […]

Zlín celebrates 700 years (Czech Republic)

New Acropolis Zlín took part in a big festival celebrating 700 years of history of the city Zlín. The Acropolitans prepared “The journey through the Labyring” a fun introduction to […]

International Mother Earth Day (Prague, Czech Republic)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Prague commemorated the International Mother Earth Day with an ecological clean-up in the city district Prague 10. The clean-up was organized with coordination with the district’s […]