How to find a way (Zlin, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis organised several useful and fun activities for its members. One of them was a workshop where the participants learned how to use a compass and understand maps.

Ecological clean-up (Prague, Czech Republic)

Every spring New Acropolis organizes ecological clean-ups. However, 2021 isn’t kind to any large event due to government restrictions. Members of New Acropolis Prague were smart and organized a clean-up […]

Round table (Prague, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis organized a discussion for all members. These discussions, affectionately called roundtables, focus on different themes. This time was the values of men and their importance in these unstable […]

Online lecture on angels (Czech Republic)

New Acropolis organized an online lecture called “The World of Angels”, a lecture focused not only on the winged beings as seen in Christian imagery, but angels as a concept […]