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Music, theater, dance and fruits were gifts that volunteers gave to more than fifty elderly people residing at the Ejido nursing home.

This social activity included the presentation of several theatrical skits like The Little Prince; as well as a Parranda and Aguinaldos.

Dancing to the music of Parranda


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The ‘Esquilo’ Theater Group  of New Acropolis Merida (Venezuela) was a winner at the 32nd Student Theater Festival for their staging of the work Don Quixote of La Mancha.


In this presentation, Don Quixote and Sancho demonstrate how possible and near are those dreams and ideals of the past, believed today to be lost and forgotten.

Along with first place, the group obtained awards for best actors (Quixote and Sancho), an honorable mention for best props and an award for outstanding performance (Dulcinea).


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La audiencia del evento

This year, New Acropolis Venezuela celebrated the 4th Intercultural Latin American Meeting close to the Plaza las Heroínas in the city of Merida.

Conjunto musical.


Representación de Ecuador. Ganadores: baile, mosaico y papagayo.

Ten Latin American countries took part in the Meeting, which included traditional music (performed by the Acropolitan Musical Ensemble), typical cuisine and several folk dances including the Argentine tango, the Bolivian huayño, the Brazilian maxixe, the Chilean cueca, the Colombian cumbia, the Cuban salsa, the Ecuadorian ñusta, the Paraguayan pericón and the Venezuelan Andean waltz.


El pericón

The event showed, once again, that the combined efforts of individuals in support of culture and volunteering is what unites us as human beings!

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En la Plaza Las HeroínasNew Acropolis Venezuela carried out the 3rd Latin American Intercultural Encounter, held in the vicinity of Las Heroínas Plaza, in the city of Merida. About 400 people participated in this cultural encounter that featured:
the gastronomic tasting of typical dishes such as the Argentine alfajores, Peruvian picarones, Chilean empanadas, the Ecuadorian tigrillo and Paraguayan chipa guazú , to mention a few;  as well as the traditional music of the continent and its typical dances such as the tango of Argentina, the guainito of Bolivia, the lambada of Brazil, the cueca from Chile, the Cuban salsa, the pericón nacional of Paraguay, the Peruvian waltz and the Venezuelan joropo.

All this was carried out by volunteers, students and friends of New Acropolis, who managed to capture the attention of attendees and passersby during the 3 hours and a half duration of the event.

Durante el galanteo

La cueca chilena


Representando a Brasil

La lambada brasileña

Representando a Argentina

La pareja de tango

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The ‘Aeschylus’ theater group of New Acropolis in Mérida received the second prize in the 31st student Festival, for its staging of the work Dialoguing with the Minotaur.

This festival brought together 53 works of theater from different educational institutions of the country, and was held at the Teatro Cesar Rengifo of the Universidad de Los Andes and the auditorium of the Colegio Inmaculada.

In addition to this prize, the New Acropolis group received the best male actor and best decor awards.


The work is a modern adaptation of the myth, where the Minotaur governs through materialism, and devours dreams, honor, and the hope of young people.

Only an enlightened man becomes aware of this reality, but it is not enough to understand the problem, one must have the courage to face it.

The work is intended for all of us to recognize the Theseus we have within us and our power to face the Minotaur.

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103031New Acropolis sponsored and participated in a forum called Philosophy, Politics and History: An encounter between East and West with a lecture entitled Politics according to Confucius by professor Ricardo Garcia.
The event was organized by the Cátedra Libre Simon Bolivar of the Faculty of Humanities and Education of the ULA, with the collaboration of the University of the Andes in the city of Mérida.

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