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A reflection on the importance and influence of our thoughts within ourselves and our environment.

“The lecture is about the importance of focusing our thoughts on high ideas and not only on material things, because this is one of the principles of the law of attraction, what you think you will attract” said Lydia Mata, the speaker at New Acropolis Próceres.

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New Acropolis Honduras organized a new edition of the photography contest The Positive Face of Honduras. This year for the first time it was organized at the national level, with exhibitions simultaneously at the Multiplaza Mall of Tegucigalpa, at the City Mall in San Pedro Sula and the City Hall of Comayagua.

The first prize winner by the jury’s decision, was the photo titled Jump in Sandy Bay, by Fuad Asfura. The winners of the second and third prizes were: Carlos Alberto Rubio and Gabriela Zuniga Fu.

Our thanks to the following sponsors without which this project would not have been possible: El Heraldo, Telamar resort, Valor Humano, dental clinic Oral Pro, Eter, Group Promasa, Parthenon, The Braguru, Multiplaza Mall, Group Jaremar and New Acropolis International Association.

Fotografía: “El viajero”, de Jabdiel Valladares.


Fotografía ganadora del primer premio: “Salto en Sandy Bay” de Fuad Asfura







Ganadora del segundo premio: “Cuestión de fe”.


“El barbero de la Concordia”.



Fotografía ganadora de facebook, “Hotel de un millón de estrellas”, de Carlos Alberto Rubio.


Fotografía ganadora de facebook: “Sobre las ruinas” de Carlos Fernando Gallardo.




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New Acropolis Tegucigalpa organized a medical-odontological team to carry out check-ups for close to a hundred seniors with limited resources in the colony Nueva Suyapa. They receiving care and specialized treatment by physicians and dentists, and medicines and personal hygiene products, and also engaged in artistic activities.

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Seminar titled ‘Communication with the elderly’, presented by psychologist Ana Lucia Castro. These training classes form part of the volunteering workshop offered to Tegucigalpa volunteers to professionally prepare for upcoming social actions in benefit of the elderly.

14705607_1098628513568409_9131548848016514884_n 14641970_1098629270235000_8163013262029972999_n 14671355_1098628776901716_4780642950818235196_n 14650551_1098628553568405_7842818440219323464_n

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New Acropolis Próceres presented the lecture “Fall in love with yourself”, by Stephanie González, who highlighted the importance of strengthening self-esteem.

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New Acropolis Tegucigalpa, gave two lectures on ecological issues from a global perspective.

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The speakers highlighted the idea that the human being and the world are intimately linked in a process of natural symbiosis. The attendees learned about data and theories that show the human being as forming part of the planet and thus were also encouraged to take care of the environment.

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New Acropolis Tegucigalpa offered a theoretical-practical workshop on volunteering to a group of volunteers from TECHO Honduras, an opportunity for both organizations to collaborate in the future.
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