Delia Steinberg Guzmán, Honorary President of New Acropolis, dies in Spain

Institutional Presence

Delia Steinberg Guzmán

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Delia Steinberg Guzmán, who was President of the International Organization New Acropolis for twenty-nine years, then Honorary President following the appointment of the current International President, Jose Carlos Adelantado Puchal in 2020.

From 1972 to 1991 she was Director of New Acropolis in Spain, during which time the activity of this institution spread to more than thirty cities in the country.

From 1975 to 1991, she was Coordinator of the activities of New Acropolis in Europe. After the death of the founder of New Acropolis, Jorge Ángel Livraga Rizzi in 1991, she was elected International President, with responsibility for the management and coordination of the cultural and educational work of the institution in the 50-plus countries where it is active.

Her interest in culture and education as a means of personal development led her to promote humanitarian, cultural and philosophical activities throughout her life. Some of her most distinguished achievements are listed below:

In 1982, in order to promote new values in music, she founded and was a member of the Jury of the International Piano Competition which bears her name, helping many young pianists at the beginning of their careers. The Delia Steinberg International Piano Competition is held annually in Madrid (Spain), with young pianists from around the world taking part.

She has published many articles in magazines and newspapers on topics related to philosophy, music, history and culture in general.

In 1972 she founded and edited the journal “Cuadernos de Cultura” in Spain, in which she published many articles and series on a theme, such as “Entre nosotros” (Between Ourselves), “Al final del día” (At the End of the Day), “Algo para contar” (A Story to Tell), “Preguntémonos” (A Question to Ask), all aimed at promoting the practical application of philosophy in everyday life.

She has written and published more than thirty books and manuals on practical philosophy, psychology, ancient civilizations and astrology, amongst others, which have been translated into many languages, including French, English, German, Russian, Portuguese and Greek. The titles include:

  • Los Juegos de Maya (The Games of Maya) (Madrid, 1st 1980, 2nd ed. 1982)
  • Hoy ví (Today I Saw…) (Madrid, 1st)
  • Me dijeron que (Someone Told Me…) (Madrid, 1st 1984)
  • El héroe cotidiano (The Everyday Hero) (Madrid, 1st 1996, 2nd ed. 2002)
  • El arte de saber elegir (The Art of Making Wise Choices) (Lima, 2002)
  • La belleza metafísica de la mujer (The Metaphysical Beauty of Women) (Lima 2002)
  • Filosofía para vivir (Philosophy for Living) (Madrid, 2005)

For her work as Director of New Acropolis, she was awarded the Silver Medal for Arts, Sciences and Literature in 1980 by the Sociedad Académica de Educación y Fomento, an institution which is endorsed by the Académie Française.

Throughout her life she has tirelessly and consistently promoted the humanistic and spiritual values of philosophy. Her clarity of thought and serenity have inspired thousands of individuals, beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. For all those who knew her, she was undeniably an exceptional woman, an example of humanity and wisdom.


  • Excellent summary and compilation of her great achievements during her long and fruitful life. One trait that describes her in “clarity of thought and serenity” since her writings had the magic of explaining very detailed and complicated topics in simple words easily understood by the readers. That quality complemented the previous writings of JAL, the founder, who had a style “more poetic and heroic”. Thank you for your teachings Maestra DSG!!!
    Wishing for you a smooth transition and God Speed your travel back to the Father.

  • I had the honor and privilege to recieve some of her teachings. Her special way to see the Good in every human soul has left a mark in my heart.

  • The person she was and her wisdom always were and will be an example of constant encouragement of the best in human potential, thank you, Dear MaestraDelia for the personal example of a big and inclusive heart, compassion, wisdom, patience and clarity.

  • No words can capture the imprint her soul left on mine and many others, I’m sure. Never mind the distance, for wisdom know no boundaries. She was so great in her modesty, humor, compassion and wisdom. How clear and simple were her lessons, yet so profound. I will never forget seeing her stopping next to an sick stray dog on a river bank & communicating with it in such tenderness & compassionate manner. The world will miss her, but her impact will live on as a mark of a model of life – full of giving and not thinking of oneself first. Some of us were so lucky to hear her insights directly from her – with the warm loving smile she had,-but future generations will also benefit from her teachings – through her words. Bon voyage and thank you so much! In our hearts you go on living.

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