New Acropolis and DF Public Defender’s Office align technical cooperation (Brazil)

Institutional Presence

New Acropolis and DF Public Defender’s Office align technical cooperation (Brazil). The team from the Public Defender’s Office of the Federal District was at the Central Headquarters of the International Organization in Brasília on May 9th. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the activities of the Child for Good Program (Criança para o Bem). New Acropolis has been promoting this social assistance project for 16 years. It currently serves 180 children and young people with daily activities after school.

This visit also took place to align technical cooperation that will be signed between the two institutions.

The partnership aims to expand access to the services offered by the Public Defender’s Office to families and children involved in the program. Also, it aims to promote training by volunteer instructors from New Acropolis both for the internal public of the Public Defender’s Office, through the School of Legal Advice, and for the community in general.

“With these actions, we reaffirm our commitment to citizenship, social development and the sustainability of human relations”, said the defender.

Discover the Children for Good Program

Since 2007, New Acropolis has had a Social Assistance arm, called Children for Good, which serves children and young people in situations of social vulnerability. It seeks to develop the best of human potential in students and program collaborators, promoting the full realization of all as individuals and integrated with nature and society, not as mere spectators, but as citizens of a world to improve.

The Child for Good Program provides coexistence and bond-strengthening services, after school hours, in a planned, systematic and free manner, to children, adolescents and young people aged 6 to 18 in situations of social vulnerability, residing in various administrative regions of the Federal District.

The Program runs from Monday to Saturday, offering:

a. Socio-educational workshops of a preventive nature in the areas of Art-Culture (Music, Dance, Crafts and Poetry), Sports-Leisure and Pedagogical Support (encouragement to remain in school);

b. Activities to strengthen family and community ties with monthly meetings with families, social and psychological care for families, various events during the year of the Strong Families program, community therapies, among others;

c. Support for the physical, mental and psychological health of the target audience (children and young people aged 6 to 18) and their families.

The Children for good methodology is the development of the human being in an integral way through Virtues and Values, Coexistence and Respect for diversity.

The purpose is to contribute to the human, supportive and civic development of children and young people. Virtue is the guiding thread that permeates all our practices with the aim of promoting Autonomy, Citizenship (full awareness of their Rights and Duties) and the potential of children and young people, their families and the community.

The Program also offers collaborators (volunteers, employees, family members and supporters) a place where they can practice values such as solidarity, tolerance and responsibility. These virtues lead to good citizenship and human development practices.

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