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Lecture on the life and work of Carl Gustav Jung at the lecture hall of New Acropolis Brasilia.

With a language based on empiricism, Jung rescued ideas about the conquest of our true essence and presented important references for the journey toward human fulfillment. Jung revived old and valuable concepts in addition to demolishing many prejudices with the force of one who not only studied but, above all, lived every one of his ideas.

Psychologist Pedro Paiva, presented this event on Jung, highlighting the journey towards the deepest parts of ourselves, a challenge that presents itself to lovers of wisdom.

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With the title “Pathways to Harmony”, New Acropolis Brazil celebrated Art Day, for the seventh consecutive year. This event – which aims to give beauty and harmony to people and show the importance of art as an element of human transformation-, was held in eleven capitals of the Northern, Midwestern and Northeastern regions of the country.


The novelty this year is that it was held in various public places donated by institutions and local governments. Movie theaters, theaters, a historic building and even a government palace, became spaces for lectures and performances of music, dance, poetry and theater, painting and in-vivo sculpture, etc.



Highlights of the event included performances by the Cellos Brazil Quartet and the Metropolitan Orchestra of Brasilia, and the Saxophone Quartet from the University of Tocantins. In Natal a talk was offered on the importance of art, accompanied by various musical performances.


In Brasilia, activities were carried out at the central branch of Lago Norte, and closed with the lecture “Art: Pathways to Harmony”, by Director Luis Carlos Marques Fonseca.











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The Jardín América branch of New Acropolis Brazil donated non-perishable food items to low income families in Goiânia with the collaboration of a social worker. These donations resulted from the generosity of participants attending lectures and other activities at New Acropolis. In the same spirit, the branches of Palmas and João Pessoa individually donated more than 100 kg of food. In Palmas, food items were delivered to the General Hospital of Palmas, the main public hospital in the State of Tocantins. In João Pessoa, food donations went to Padre Ze Hospital.

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The program of movie presentations on varied subjects began with great success in attendance and participation of the public.
Movies including Hypatia of Alexandria, Mozart (Amadeus), Shakespeare (Othello, Hamlet and others), enriched with philosophical comments, enlivened recent Sunday evenings. In Brasilia, this activity takes place at the New Acropolis Center of Lago Norte. In Fortaleza, movie screenings take place at the San Luiz Cinema Theater, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the city.

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On November 30th New Acropolis Brazil received from the Federal Chamber of Deputies the medal for ‘Legislative Merit’ for its work in the service of society.
This award pays tribute to entities, Brazilian or foreign, that have carried out or are carrying out significant service work for the community.

Palavras do Prof. Luis Carlos Marques, Diretor-Presidente de Nova Acrópole no Brasil Norte, por ocasião da condecoração que celebra o reconhecimento nacional da instituição, em razão dos trabalhos relevantes realizados na sociedade. A “Medalha Mérito Legislativo” é uma homenagem que pode agraciar autoridades, personalidades, instituições ou entidades nacionais e estrangeiras que, em certo momento da história do País, realizaram trabalhos que tiveram repercussão e trouxeram algum amplo beneficio ao povo brasileiro. Trata-se de um reconhecimento do nosso trabalho de valorização da filosofia, cultura e voluntariado, que vem contribuindo, continuamente, para a formação do ser humano e a promoção do diálogo, para além das diferenças. A homenagem reforçou nosso compromisso de continuar trabalhando para fazer florescer o que o ser humano tem de melhor. O evento foi televisionado e transmitido ao vivo via Facebook, e contou com a presença de voluntários da instituição.Parabéns Nova Acrópole e todos os voluntários que tornam esse sonho, de fazer do mundo um lugar melhor, possível!

Posted by Nova Acrópole Brasília – Escola de Filosofia on Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Director Luis Carlos Marques Fonseca receives the medal and diploma of recognition.

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The program ‘Child for the Good’ provides social, educational and medical services on a regular basis and free of charge, to children from 4 to 16 years of age, in low-income communities living near the New Acropolis Brasilia Center. The project goal is clear; to provide a better future for these children and to contribute to their human development through the theoretical and practical training in music, ballet, martial arts as well as educational support in various subjects.

The program currently serves more than one hundred girls in the ballet workshops (baby class, initial, basic and intermediate), and nearly one hundred girls and boys in the workshops of choral singing, musical education, flute, violin, viola, cello and guitar.

Last December the 2016 course wrap-up celebration was held at the Poupex Theater, which for the second consecutive year made its stage available to New Acropolis.

All the children presented to their parents and the director of the program, Luis Carlos Marques Fonseca, the result of a year of hard work, perseverance and overcoming limitations.

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Day dedicated to community services on the part of New Acropolis volunteers, who helped over one hundred people who came to the stand installed on Republic Square.
A main objective was to provide health-related education and guidance, such as learning to regulate blood pressure and to know blood sugar levels, among other things.
A blood donation campaign was carried out on the same day.
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