Gastronomy and Culture as doorway to ancient Egypt (Fortaleza, Brazil)

Cultural Activities
New Acropolis Fortaleza organized a new edition of ‘Flavors of the World’ to speak on this occasion about ancient Egypt. Volunteers decorated, cooked and prepared a varied program to introduce attendees to this civilization. Professor Levi Bayde presented 10 unexplored and lesser known places of Egypt as a means to better get to know this tradition. Professor Leandro Aguiar spoke of relevant aspects of the Egyptian civilization, including the origin of the name, the function of the pyramids, the importance of the Nile River, Egyptian art and hierarchical dynamics. Finally, Professor Suelen Moura discussed aspects of present-day Egypt, including the metropolis of Cairo, the presence and rules of Islam and the neighborhood of the Copts.

Culinary delights included Arab bread, Kafka, Babaganush, Homus and curd accompanied by carrots and pickles. The main course was ram, Moroccan rice rolled with grape leaves and for dessert, a mixture of ricotta, spices and pistachio.

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