New Acropolis on TV program (Kalinigrad, Russia)

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Does a modern person need philosophy?

TV Program “Morning of Russia” on VGTRK Channel  figured it out with Anna Mishachyova, head of New Acropolis Kaliningrad (West Russia).

At all times philoosphy helps a man to gain inner points of support in order to face challenges of life.  And today it is still relevant. A person normally sees the reasons of his or her troubles in circumstances of life, other people and the system.
So those are hardly possible to overcome.  Stoic philosophers give simple advice. You can only change what depends on you. The rest is beyond your control.

Usually we are not able to change the circumstances of life. But we can change our attitude towards  them.

Another challenge is a great deal of information we process today. But what do we really need among it? EAeschylus said that it is important to know not much, but the necessary.

And what should be considered necessary? Isn’t that what we can apply in life?

Jorge Angel Livraga said very accurately on the issue: “To know is to be able to do.” Do you agree that knowing how to drive is different to being able to drive?

Philosophy not only explains the laws of life, but also helps to live, and sometimes saves life. Philosphy is way of life.

Philosopher sleeps in the soul of every person. However someone doesn’t know it yet. And someone has started their search. Philosophy is a great adventure in the company of like-minded people.

I thank the thinkers of all times for the feat of life in serach for truth.


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