New Acropolis collaborates in water conservation in rural Maharashtra (India)

Ecological Volunteering, Social Volunteering

New Acropolis engaged with non-profit organization Anubhav Pratisthan Trust (APT) to determine an effective integrated solution including both development of water conservation, together with social rehabilitation. As a pilot project, the repair of a missing check dam on a tributary of the Kal River in Maharashtra was proposed.

Volunteers of New Acropolis played the critical fundraising role by appealing to potential donors and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contributors, while ensuring that the necessary community engagement, suitable engineering and construction, and permissions from appropriate government authorities were procured.

This first phase of the project was completed in 45 days, before the monsoon set in. The timely and effective success of this first phase serves as a proof of concept, and has elicited interest from large corporates to undertake the full scope of the multi-year project, which includes Water Harvesting, Rejuvenation of Water Bodies, and Community Rehabilitation.

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