Stress Coping Seminar (Israel)

We live in a world with a lot of uncertainty, crises, traumas and loss. This month we held a seminar for the general public, in which we tried to provide […]

Volleyball game (Pardes Hanna Karkur, Israel)

Did you know that there is a volleyball team in Acropolis, that combines sport and philosophy? Women, men, beginners and professionals. This month we went out with mentally challenged youth […]

Mini Olympic Games (Israel)

The competitive space provides us with the most real playground one could ask for – a playground of life, physical but also emotional boundaries are put to the test and […]

Kintsugi Workshop (Krayot, Israel)

Usually when something breaks we are used to throw it away and buy a new one, but when something breaks inside us it cannot be replaced, and we also often […]

Earth’s Day (Tel Aviv, Israel)

We met to celebrate Earth’s Day in the city and a day later in the country, Menahamia. We plant a new forest with fruit trees on our land, while we […]