Meeting the Goddess in Me – A Feminine Experience in Nature ( Haifa and Krayot, Israel)

Cultural Activities

Night – Nature – “Ancient Goddess” Tree (Pistacia atlantica) – Women’s Circle…

On the night of the full moon in May, a number of women who did not know each other went out into nature. The goal was to connect with ourselves and nature and meet with the feminine power that exists within us.

During the night we set up a bonfire together, sat under a centuries old Mt. Atlas mastic tree, known in Hebrew as the “Goddess” Tree (Pistacia atlantica), and got to know through various exercises the different qualities of female power.

Throughout the night, there was a sense of a tribe of women, those who want to connect with the wise goddesses that exist within us. We explored together how we can bring them into our routine and life, to meet the higher feminine qualities within us.

Nature and night and the dedication of each and every one really helped open the hearts and was an experience that is hard to describe in words.

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