Rehabilitation of the Ada River Basin (National, Israel)

Ecological Volunteering

“He who cares for the days sows wheat, who cares for the years, plants trees, who cares for generations educates people” Janusz Korczak

First Volunteer activity with residents of a rural community in Israel who began on their own to initiative a process of rehabilitating the Ada River basin that passes through their community.

We partnered with them to learn about the process, successes and challenges, get to know the vision and help spread it to other communities together.

As part of the activity, we helped collect data for an ecological survey that will help the restoration program and sowed seeds of endangered river plants.

Getting to know nature was combined with getting to know the volunteers who came from all over the country, and meditation on the stream that helped connect with nature and ourselves.

We came home with seeds of hope and inspiration for a better future that Connect between communities and brings them closer to the nature around them.

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