A philosophical summer journey to nature (Israel)

Cultural Activities

“The place you’re most afraid to go in holds the key you’re looking for.”

A few members and their friends went out for a joint journey,  to connect to the quiet,  to the simplicity of nature and especially to get closer to each other and themselves.

Through special activities, seasoned with philosophy, we got to know ourselves a little more, in a break from the race of life, in the small intervals, from listening to things that float and come up.

At the height of the hot Israeli summer, we also entered a deep cold cave and emerged from it into our own light.

Here’s a participant sharing part of the experience:
“A lot of my dreams of success were climbing to high places, and every time there was some obstacle or fear that I wouldn’t know how to get down. Entering the cave on our journey – provided me with these experiences in reality.

  • It proved me the body is wonderful and you can really rely on it.
  • That friendship and mutual aid are a great force and a wonderful tailwind.
  • That I can trust myself if I just try, I’ll know.

In the cave, the need arose to calculate certain steps more than others, to trust myself and others, to be brave.
Knowing that they did it before me, are going with me, and will do it after me, has helped me.”

Here are a few moments of the incredible journey…


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